Jennifer Aniston Nabs Another Dramatic Role

If I could have my choice of how to spend a Sunday night, sitting on the couch with a burrito in my lap and a Jennifer Aniston movie marathon on the television would definitely top the list. Like every good ‘90s girl, I have been obsessed with Aniston — and secretly coveting her hair — since somewhere circa 1994. But, unlike some of her more purist fans, I do not discriminate between Aniston’s comedic roles and some of her more dramatic turns. So, when it was recently announced that Aniston would be starring in the film adaptation of The Yellow Birds based on the book by Iraqi War veteran Kevin Powers, I had to wonder: Does this dramatic role hint at a change in Aniston’s career path?

The actress has gone through a lot of personal changes lately (in case you haven't heard, she recently got married to longtime beau Justin Theroux), and it looks like her career might be undergoing a few changes of its own. Does this dramatic role indicate that Aniston might be taking advantage of the opportunity to step out of her comedic roles and try her hand at a few serious ones? Two dramatic films within such a short time period does seem like a bit of a trend.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After all, The Yellow Birds is the second dramatic role that Aniston has taken on in the last year. Late in 2014, she also starred in Cake, an incredibly compelling film about a woman suffering from chronic pain after a car accident that took her young son’s life. The previous dramatic film that Aniston ever starred in was The Good Girl, all the way back in 2002.

Considering there are only two roles in a row that are more serious than her normal comeday fare, it might be too quick to say that Aniston is considering a career change. But, for what it's worth, the star has said she benefited from the experience of returning to her dramatic roots. In an interview with Good Morning America , the actress said she fell in love with Cake's Claire when she read the script. With so much to explore in a more complicated character, Aniston said the role was a dream for any actor — and you could tell. In Cake, Aniston was totally in her prime.

Perhaps experience of playing her role in Cake has inspired Aniston to push herself into more dramatic roles. And it sounds like The Yellow Birds is just the film for her to do it.