13 Literary Couple-Inspired Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is the perfect holiday for book-lovers, and those of you looking for literary Halloween couples costumes get lucky this time of year. Halloween is full of wonder, imagination, and make believe, which are all things that book-lovers know and appreciate — and it has the added bonus of candy. What more could you want? A great costume, I guess.

Like all other holiday participants, book-lovers love getting dressed up for Halloween, and literature is a goldmine when it comes to costume ideas. There are some pretty amazing literary Halloween costume ideas out there for the individual, including children's book characters and nerdy literary jokes, but it doesn't stop there. When it comes to the couples costume, books have you covered. From classic couples to modern romances, life-long partners to doomed lovers, the costume options for your and your bookish beau are endless. The best part? They're easy to put together yourself.

Because Halloween is a time for candy and for lovers, here are 17 literary couples to inspired your own couple's costume for Halloween, no bodysuit required:

Gatsby and Daisy

A tormented and doomed couple, yes, but a great Halloween costume? Absolutely.

To become Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, channel your inner flapper girl and dapper guy. Outfit choices include, but are not limited to, beaded dresses, feather headbands, layers of fringe, tuxedos, and lots and lots of champagne.

Image: Polyvore

Ron and Hermoine

Everyone has their favorite Harry Potter couple, but for me, Ron and Hermoine take the cake. They are BBFs turned lovers, and is there a sweeter love story than that?

To become the best romance J. K. Rowling ever wrote, grab your Gryffindor scarf and hat, thrown on your wizarding robe, and be sure to have you wand handy. You never know when the Dark Lord will strike.

Image: Polyvore

Viola and Orsino

If you're part of a couple who likes to have fun and isn't afraid to play with gender roles, then the gender-swapping couple from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night would be the perfect costume for you to try out. It is a great costume for same-sex couples as well.

Believe it or not, you don't have to buy a full-on Shakespeanean costume to pull this off. Instead, dress in leather or suede leggings and pants for the bottoms, and try loose button ups or peasant blouses for your top. Layer earth-toned vests made of similar material on top to complete the look, and if you're a girl, be sure to tuck your hair under a hat. If you want a fun prop, a sword is the way to go.

Image: Polyvore

Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler

What well-read woman hasn't dreamed of getting swept away in the romance from Gone with the Wind? This Halloween, you don't have to dream it, because you can easily do it.

Scarlett is a fashion icon, so to pull of her look, you have to find a seriously gorgeous gown like her well-known red one. Top it off with gloves and a big hair bow, and you've got the look. To imitate Rhett, pull out your finest three-piece suit and finish it off with a neck ascot. You'll be the best dressed couple at the party by far.

Image: Polyvore

Reverend Dimmesdale & Hester Prynne

Maybe not the kind of couple you want to be like IRL, Hester and the Reverend from The Scarlet Letter still make a fun, original Halloween costume for you and your beau.

If you still have your pilgrim bonnet from grade school plays, now would be the time to fish it out. To dress like Hester, find a modest black dress and fasten a big red "A" to the front of it. Accessorize with a white waist apron, black stockings, and a fake baby, if you so desire. For the Reverend, you will need a white button up shirt, black jacket, tall pilgrim-style men's hat, and a cross to remind you of all the sins you've committed.

Image: Polyvore

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy

There are so many couples from Jane Austen's cannon you could imitate, but Elizabeth and Darcy from Price and Prejudice are perhaps the most iconic — and also super-easy to imitate.

To nail the style of a Jane Austen heroine, you'll want to find a dainty yet modest dress, a straw bonnet, and some gloves, because ladies never leave home without them. If you're Elizabeth, you should have a book tucked under your arms at all times. To get the Mr. Darcy look, you will need a white button up shirt, preferably one with ruffles, and a black suit to put over it. Riding boots will get you bonus points.

Image: Polyvore

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

Want a costume that requires simple outfit choices but comes complete with some really fun props? Look no further than the lovers from Fifty Shades of Grey.

If you want to get Anastasia's look, it's simple: dress kinda mousy. Think jeans, floral button ups, cardigans, and low ponytails. Dressing to play the part of Christian is equally as easy, but a but fancier. You'll want a nice suit and, of course, a very nice silk tie. You might also want to consider blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips to really sell your costume.

Image: Polyvore

Khaleesi and Khal Drogo

They may be apart forever due to Drogo's untimely death, but their love will live on in our hearts — and costumes — for all time.

While you can easily purchase a Khaleesi and a Drogo costume, you can also make your own with things in your closet. For Khaleesi's look, you'll need a halter crop top, preferably a crocheted or leather one, and some suede or leather leggings. Wrap some additional suede or leather fabric around your waist (or use a skirt like the one pictured above), and don't be afraid to use too many chain belts. Tuck a dragon under your arm and put your hair in lots of braids, and voila! Drogo's look is even easier, and includes leather pants, a wide leather belt for above the waist, some fur accents, and lots and lots of eye liner.

Image: Polyvore

Westley and Princess Buttercup

This Halloween, dress up as you wish... yeah, I went there, and you can too with a The Princess Bride-inspired costume.

Westley's best look is as the Dread Pirate Robert, which you can create using a black face mask, leather pants, and a black button-up shirt. You mustn't forget the sword, because Westley is always ready for a fight. To get Buttercup's look, you can either wear a tiara and a bridal gown (duh), or got with her signature look from the movie: a long red dress, leather wrap belt, and eyes only for her true love Westley. Cue the sighs.

Image: Polyvore

Mr. and Mrs. Fox

This one is for all the hipster couples out there, because dressing like book and a Wes Anderson movie is like a dream come true.

The basic requirement for the Mr. and Mrs. Fox costumes from The Fantastic Mr. Fox is, obviously, a fox mask. If you don't want to go the fox route, you can try and recreate the look using make up. The clothes are simple, and probably include things in your closet: a house dress for the Mrs. and a suit for the Mr., and the more retro looking, the better.

Image: Polyvore

Peeta and Katniss

Sorry for those of you who are still Team Gale, because it will be Katniss and Peeter forever — including this Halloween.

If you want to really look like Katniss, you will need her signature leather jacket complete with a mockingjay pin, green pants, and ass-kicking boots. Peeta's look is pretty basic and includes green pants and a black tshirt. It's a couples costume that is simple yet fun, and everyone will know (and be jealous of) who you are dressed as.

Image: Polyvore

Edward and Bella

Again, you might still be routing for Team Jacob, but Edward and Bella can't hear you over the sounds of their furious vampire love making. Just accept it. Better yet, dress as it for Halloween.

Edward may be an age old vampire, but his clothes are that of a plain teenager: jeans, tshirt, maybe a jacket —though we both know that's are just for looks, because vampires never get cold. Make sure you have some vampire teeth and a little fake blood to really sell it. Bella is an easy look to accomplish as well: jeans, a flannel, and, apparently, a constant death wish.

Image: Polyvore

Lancelot and Guinevere

... or Guinevere and King Arthur, if you want to believe the king and queen really are meant to be. Either way, you can get medieval with this fun couples costume.

The only one on the list that I suggest actually purchasing a costume for, Guinevere and Lancelot's looks aren't easy to imitate without a trip to the costume store. Your shopping list will include a crown, a big and glamorous dress, armor, and a sword. Yeah, I didn't think you had those things in your closet.

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