New NailSnaps App Brings Photos To Fingertips

by Julia Guerra

Once in a blue moon the store-bought polishes and salon manis just don’t satisfy our creativity, but if ever the perfect nail art inspiration has comes to you in the form of an Insta-image splashed across your smartphone screen, there now exists an app for that. Making your artistic vision a reality, NailSnaps creates nail art with your photos, allowing you to personalize your polish by bringing image files to your fingertips — literally.

That’s right, now your nails can be picture perfect. The process is simple. Head on over to the iOS App Store on your mobile device and download the free NailSnaps application to create your user profile. Next, upload your image of choice and crop to your preference. Fill out your shipping and billing information and you’ll receive 20 peel and press nail stickers.

Besides the fact that I am a total photography enthusiast, I love how unique, and creative this idea has proven to be. Social media platforms are becoming the main source of connection, information, and inspiration that it was only a matter of time before we would develop an alternative use for them. Cosmetic techniques and nail design have become an art form in themselves. Now, not only are we showing off a polished mani, but photography as well.

Curious? Allow me to break it down for you:

Step 1: Download

This step is pretty self-explanatory. Search "NailSnaps" in the app store, and click that magical *download* button. Hooray for free-to-download beauty applications!

Step 2: Sign Up

If you've recently joined any iPhone application, this menu may look familiar. Step one to creating your profile with NailSnaps is to connect with either Instagram, Facebook, or an email address. The company does send emails from time to time, but they are for promotions only, which means you benefit. I personally sign up for everything with Instagram because the information received is less personal, but that is entirely up to you!

Step 3: Complete Your Profile

Behind the scenes of this lovely page was a fill-out form comprised of my name, shipping and billing address, billing information, email, etc. At the bottom of the page, you see a five icons: a light bulb, looking glass, star, bell, and person. Click on the light bulb to return to the homepage, the looking glass to search for friends who are also using the app or other users' designs, the bell for a list of recent activity, and the unisex persona to view your profile.

Step 4: Designing

A. Allow Access To Your Files

Click on the yellow star icon to get started with your first original design. You'll have to give the application permission to access your files before the uploading process can begin. Choose from either your photo library, Instagram or Facebook account, or take a brand new photo.

B. Scale Photo

Once you have chosen your photo, you'll have to maneuver the digital hand to a nail design of your preference. In the example above, I chose an autumnal image from the Brooklyn Book Festival a few weeks back. I designed my snaps so that my nails will have fall leaves decorating my buds and tips. Original and trendy.

Step 5: Order

Now for the fun part! You've created your account, become a nail artist in under five minutes, and now it's time to order your masterpiece. Again, easy process. Once your cropping is complete, you can either choose to buy the design now, or save it for a later date! 20 stickers comes to $19. Note the free shipping for US customers as well.

Sold? I thought so. For less than a dollar per customize-able sticker, these beauties are a steal. Apply to your nails and simply file to perfection. It's easy and affordable, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to NailSnaps to order your first set, and make it snappy!

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Images: Courtesy of NailSnaps (2), Julia Horniacek (8)