This 'Arrested Development'/'Her' Poster Is the Internet At Its Best

Two weeks ago, we showed you the only Her review you ever need to read, courtesy of the OG, Arrested Development's very own "her?" Mae Whitman. At the time, I thought it was as perfect as any Her/"her?" crossovers could get, but I was so naïve and so wrong. The Internet always delivers! Which is why we now, thanks to Reddit, have this Her movie poster, which instead of showcasing the star of Spike Jonze's heartbreakingly beautiful film Her, Joaquin Phoenix, showcases Ann Veal, the "her?" herself. And it's perfect.

If you're not totally sure about what I'm talking about right now, here's a brief summation: During Arrested Development's first run on Fox, Whitman joined the show in 2004 as George Michael's oft-forgettable girlfriend, Ann Veal. She was so bland and dull that characters — generally George Michael's dad, Michael Bluth — would either forget who she is after meeting her multiple times, or, when they were reminded of her existence, would ask the simple question of: "Her?" It is perfect, and not at all related to Jonze's film, but who cares? The Internet isn't logical in its genius.

God, this is flawless.

Images: ArrestedDevelopment/Reddit, Giphy