Is Denis O'Hare Playing Elizabeth Taylor On 'AHS: Hotel'? His Character Has A Theatrical Inspiration

Another year, another October, another frightening season of Ryan Murphy's horror series anthology. American Horror Story: Hotel premiers on Wednesday night, and while there has been so much hoopla over the inclusion of Lady Gaga to the series and what sinister role she might be playing, I'm actually more intrigued about the characters around her. The premiere will bring the return of AHS favorites like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Matt Bomer and many more. But, one actor who always sticks out to me as being consistently creepy and incredible is Denis O'Hare. We've seen him on all but one season of AHS so far in roles like the half-burned Larry Harvey from Murder House, Spalding (the man without his tongue) on Coven, and Stanley the freak collector on Freak Show. On AHS: Hotel, we're seeing a new side of him. Denis O'Hare will be playing Liz Taylor. Um, as in Elizabeth Taylor the actress?

It turns out that O'Hare will not be trying to play the actual actress Elizabeth Taylor on the new season of AHS: Hotel. He explained to Entertainment Weekly that he'll be playing someone who has been so inspired by Elizabeth Taylor that he chooses to be the "movie icon" version of the actress. His commitment to the role is admirable, "I’m playing a person who is inspired by the awesomeness of things like Butterfield 8 and Cleopatra and eye makeup like that. And, I shaved my head for the part and other body parts," O'Hare told EW.

So, how will O'Hare be involved with the other characters on the show? He has stated on multiple occasions that he works quite directly with Kathy Bates' character as he works in the hotel with her. He is not only the bartender, he's also a handyman of sorts who takes on the normal duties of that job but also apparently "fixes messes, whatever that means," he said to TVGuide. So aside from working with Bates' character, Iris, who runs the hotel, who else will O'Hare likely encounter this season?

The most obvious guess is that he'll have quite a bit of time onscreen with Lady Gaga's character Elizabeth (name twinsies!) who owns the hotel, and my theory is that he'll also end up becoming involved with her nefarious plan in the season, likely as the person who cleans up after owner Elizabeth's bloody, violent, deadly acts go all according to plan. But, being the handyman and fixer means O'Hare's character is more than likely to encounter everyone in the hotel, from guests to the staff. I wouldn't at all be surprised if O'Hare ends up befriending one or some of the guests and potentially siding with them over Elizabeth as the show progresses. With a character so up in the air in terms of his loyalties and without an answer as to whether he is good or evil, it's frankly exciting to see what Denis O'Hare has in store for us all.

Image: Frank Ockenfels/FX