The Most Morbid 'AHS' Quiz You'll Ever Take

If you find yourself watching Season 5 of American Horror Story , I can almost guarantee you'll be asking yourself one extremely dark question: How would you die on American Horror Story ? With all the specific, creative, extremely graphic deaths that have gone down on this show, you're bound to have your own hyper-specific outcome. Sure, this is all super morbid, but if you count yourself as a fan of Ryan Murphy's horror franchise, then you've laid eyes on more than your fair share of blood baths, decaying dead bodies, and gruesome (yet, super creative) death scenes. You've gotten comfortable with the idea that we're all mere mortals and that some day, a minotaur might appear in your backyard and try to kill you. Or that the angel of death might antagonize you while you try to sleep in your bed at the asylum. Or that Neil Patrick Harris might trick you into a deadly magic trick that's more blood than magic.

You're an AHS fan. You know what kind of dark, twisty storylines you signed up for. And you're probably also pretty annoyed that I just keep blabbering on about other people's TV deaths when I could be leading you to the darkest quiz you'll ever take. So fine. I'll shut up. And let you get back to what you really came here for.

Click on the link to find out...

How Would You Die On American Horror Story ?

Enjoy the afterlife. And don't say I didn't warn you...

Image: Dawn Foster/Bustle; Giphy