Beyonce Recorded 80 Songs For Latest Album & We Desperately Want Them, Rejects & All

Beyonce knows her fans well, and she's the queen of keeping us wanting more, even in the wake of a massive release like "Beyonce." You'd think that a 14 song album with videos for every single one, with a bonus video just for kicks, would be enough, but it just isn't. King Bey knows exactly how to titillate us, since apparently Beyonce originally recorded 80 songs in anticipation of this album, choosing only the songs she continued liking to be released for our collective eargasms. And sure, its possible that other artists record a similar amount of work for each album, but none of them are Beyonce, unfortunately for them. I would do sickening things to have access to those songs, I would babysit Blue Ivy for the rest of my life to get at those songs, in fact it would be more useful to talk about the few things I wouldn't do for those songs.

Beyonce said that she chose the songs that felt the most effortless to her, but this is from the woman who defines the word effort. She's super driven, more than a bit of a perfectionist and also has the luck to hear all of her own stuff all the time. The rest of us however, wait eagerly at our keyboards for any word of Beyonce releases, and her latest album has only increased our insane expectations.

You know how "Beyonce" made me feel? Like I wish she was going to put out a whole other new album sometime next week. I'm not satisfied, no, far from it, my Beyonce fandom is, if anything, even more insatiable than it was before. Which is exactly how Beyonce knew she could put out an album with no press coverage beforehand, and exactly why she said anything about the other six albums worth of stuff that we'll never get the chance to hear. She fricking gets us.

My vote is that she throws all the other songs she rejected onto some sort of DVD special, or a playlist only available on her website, and sells them to us at a price, any price. I will pay it, and I'm sure others would too, because in the same way that we've listened to and watched every single song on her new album roughly a billion times, we'd do exactly the same thing for every single song she's recorded, even if Bey tells us they weren't as "intuitive."

She might be perfection incarnate, but she clearly doesn't get how obsessed with her we truly are.