Everyone Wants To Be A Barden Bella For Halloween

by Kadeen Griffiths

Everybody wants to be a Barden Bella, and why wouldn't they? As shown by the plot of Pitch Perfect 2, being a Bella is a legacy — an awesome a capella legacy. Whether you're a huge fan of Beca, or Chloe, or the unforgettable Fat Amy, I think we can all agree on two things: Pitch Perfect made a capella cool again for a brief moment in time, and, more importantly, everyone should have the chance to dress up as the Barden Bellas for Halloween. If you're rocking a squad of friends even more awesome than Taylor Swift's, then you're probably thinking of Bella-fying yourselves up by the end of the month. Well, worry not. These Pitch Perfect group Halloween costumes will turn your group from ordinary to extraordinarily aca-awesome with just a few easy purchases.

Once the Bellas learned to work together and listen to one another, they found their own unique sound that launched them to superstardom. And, even though most of them will be heading off to parts unknown now that they have graduated, the legacy of the Bellas will always live on. Thus, they're the perfect choice for a group costume, especially if you're about to graduate or just wanted to bring all of your friends together for a wild night.

Check out where you can get all your Bella swag below, for an affordable price.

Pitch Perfect — ICCA Semi-Finals

The flight attendant-looking outfit that the Bellas wore to Semi-Finals is pretty much just made up of a navy blazer, a navy pencil skirt, a white collard shirt, and a yellow patterned scarf.

The Blazer

You can get an open navy blue (or, rather, "Starless Night") blazer from Kohl's for $40, and, the best part is, even independently of your Halloween costume, it goes with everything.

The Shirt

White Blouse, $22, Amazon

Those in need of a white collared tank top shirt, can grab this nice one from H&M or Amazon.

The Skirt

I can't honestly say I properly understand how people even walk in pencil skirts, but you can get this navy blue one for $18 at KMart.

The Scarf

As it turns out, Mexicali Blues is giving this gem away for $6, so you'd better hop on that deal before it's too late.

Pitch Perfect — ICCA Finals

When the Bellas learned to play to their strengths, their fashion went from costume-y to more normal. And now that normal look can be yours.

The Skinny Jeans

You can get these gorgeous skinny jeans at Forever 21 for $30.

The Tank Top

Black Tanktop, $2, Target

Head to the nearest Target, and you can nab a black tanktop for only $2.

The Shirt

Navy Blue Button Down Shirt, $18, Macys

Macy's has a great navy blue long-sleeved button down for only $18. You can either wear it over the tank top, or tie it up around your stomach, or wear it over the tank top and rip it off over the course of the night to emulate your favorite Bella.

The Scarf

The same $6.00 Mexicali Blues scarf needs to be wrapped around your wrist to complete the look.

Pitch Perfect 2 — Convention Performance

The black tank top you can buy from Target as seen under the ICCA Finals costume, but what about the amazing tracksuit that goes over it? Well...

The Gold Tracksuit

This one is a little tricky. Rastaline is selling gold tracksuits for 40 Canadian dollars, but they're lacking in the black racing stripes on the side. However, this tutorial for how to sew racing stripes onto doll clothes can be applied to the tracksuit for an easy fix.

Pitch Perfect 2 — 2015 World A Cappella Championship

The World A Cappella Championship wasn't just the most heartwarming part of the movie — it launched a legacy in vests and double zipper skinny jeans.

The Vest

You can nab this navy blue vest for $26 on Etsy.

The Shirt

A simple white t-shirt can make its way from Target into your arms for between $6.00 and $12.00, depending on what size and color you buy.

The Jeans

If you really want to commit, you can get these double zipper denim jeans from Pacsun for $55, but, if you, like me, won't pay more than $30 for a pair of jeans, then $13 high-waisted skinny jeans from Forever 21 work just as well.

Now you're looking aca-awesome!

Image: Universal Pictures (4); Target (2); Pacsun; Kohl's; H&M; KMart; Mexicali Blues; Forever 21; Macy's; Rastaline; Etsy