How to Make a 'Pitch Perfect' Halloween Costume

While we unfortunately have to wait all the way until May 2015 for Pitch Perfect 2 to come out, there's an aca-mazing way to celebrate the new movie — or just show your appreciation for the first one. After all, the original is pretty great on its own. I can't be the only one who watches it every time it's on TV, right? Anyway, I'm talking about Barden Bellas Halloween costumes! It's perfect for your group of friends — whether you've got a large group or small.

You can either opt to go for the classic outfits from the beginning of the movie, or you can dress like the finale, where each girl adapts the uniform to match her own style. You just need to stick to the basics of wearing navy blue outfits with yellow scarves. In fact, you'll probably be able to gather most parts of the costume from items you already own.

Oh, and if you guys can memorize the choreography to the Bellas' final performance that would really put the costume over the top. Don't worry, you won't have to actually endure Aubrey's intense preparation routine. No cardio (or horizontal running) necessary! Just have fun with it.

To help get you in the spirit (and give you an idea of what your outfits should look like), here's a video of the finale:

Once you've finished hitting replay a million times on that video, here's a list of everything you need to make your costume:

Grab a navy blue blazer. Sure, the girls wear short-sleeve ones in the movie, but based on my searching, they're way harder to find. A long-sleeved one from H&M should do the trick!

Wear a white, collared tank underneath. You may already own one, or you can head somewhere like Forever 21 for an affordable option.

Pair your blazer with a matching navy skirt! This option from Target is on sale for less than $12.

Can't forget your signature Barden Bella accessory — a gold and blue scarf. Each girl can wear hers however she wants.

The Bellas always wore heels, but I suggest going for something without a super high heel. You want to be comfortable on Halloween, so these kitten heels seem like a perfect fit.

If you really want to get into character, you can carry around fake microphones, like these from a costume store.

And here is the look all together. Prepare to look aca-unforgettable!

Images: Universal Pictures, H&M, Forever 21, Target, Nothincrazy.com, GoJane.com, CandyAppleCostumes.com