7 Non-Obvious Ways To Stay Warm & Chic

When October begins, it can get a little tricky remembering how to stay warm and stylish during the fall. Back when it was July and a person could buy a popsicle as easily as they could a croissant in the early morning, we were so used to our bare legs and open sandals that we forgot what a nippy wind felt like. And while we’re all pretty pumped to go through all the traditional activities that come with the coming of fall (A yay for pumpkin spice lattes! A woot for the return of infinity scarves!), it can be a bummer to feel that first seriously chilly morning.

While instinct might be to put all the pretty clothes away and bring out the Michelin Man survival mode kit, I’m here to tell you we don’t need to jump to dire options just yet. Put down the end-times-approved puffer jacket and step slowly away. Same goes for the ski mask—you don’t need to go that far just yet. There’s a way you can stay toasty all day long, but still look sleek and stylish. All it takes is a few clever layering moves and investing in a couple of key pieces. Here are seven unexpected ways to stay warm but stylish during the fall.

1. Pop A Colored Vest Underneath Your Coat

Real talk: Unless you have a puffer coat that could get you through the end-time, those wool numbers in store windows barely do anything when it comes against a strong wind. To give yourself a little more insulation, try popping a brightly hued vest underneath. Not only will it keep you toastier, but if you unbutton your jacket, you'll be treated to a pop of bright red or to sleek black. According to Jelena Jovanovic at AllWomensTalk, "Layer your clothes! It’s easy, it’s simple, it will keep you warm and enable you to wear even a thin, fancy coat and feel like you’re wearing the warmest of ski jackets." Get crafty and make use of those sporty vests — that way you don't have to bulk up to stay toasty.

2. Add Thermals Underneath Your Sweaters

Don't sacrifice being warm to avoid looking frumpy — give yourself another much needed (thin) layer by layering a thermal shirt underneath your knit sweater, amping up the toastiness factor by a notch. But it matters what material your thermal is made from!

According to style blogger Alex from Travel Fashion Girl, "By choosing special fabrics like merino wool, cashmere, technical polyester synthetics, and silk and you’ll know how to stay warm in cold weather. Avoid cotton thermals. They’re just not as good plus they look bulky under your clothing." On top of that, by wearing an extra shirt underneath your knit it ensures you won't have to wash your sweaters as often, meaning they'll last longer. Win, win!

3. Add Turtlenecks Underneath Your Dresses

Just because the wind is starting to get teeth doesn't mean you have to pack your dresses away. All you need to do is just add some clever layering to the mix and you'll feel just as cozy in a dress as you would in a fisherman sweater. A great way to keep you warm in the flimsy material is to layer a thin turtleneck underneath. According to Marlo Thomas at Huffington Post, "Wear your strapless summer dress over a fitted black turtleneck top — a flawless way to extend your summer wardrobe and stay toasty." Not only does it add extra sleeves and covers up your neck, it also gives you a chance to add more color and dimension to your look.

4. Layer Fleece Tights Underneath Your Jeans

Rather than going for just tights underneath your pants for an especially cool day, why don't you take it a step further and add fleece tights instead? According to style blogger Angie from YouLookFab, "Fleece-lined tights are the warmest tights of all. Like WOW warm." Not only do they feel amazing slipping into, but the extra insulation goes a long way when it comes to standing outside and waiting for the bus!

5. Invest In Some Serious Socks

You feel 10 times more cold if your feet are blocks of ice, so to avoid making such a rookie move invest in some serious socks. Go for thick wool ones for extra coziness, but if your booties won't allow for something so thick, go for fleece ones instead. They're thin, but trap heat like a champ, making sure they don't stretch out the shape of your shoe.

On top of that, your socks can become an important part of your outfit. According to Caroline Pirozzolo at HerCampus, "We love the look of neutral, chunky, knit knee-high socks that peek out of the top of your favorite pair of classic riding boots. Another snuggly option is to layer a pair of mid-calf high socks with combat boots – this is a super chic look that you can top off with tights and a flared skater skirt. Dark red or oxblood knit socks peeking out from brown combat boots add a pop of color to any look and will keep those ankles cozy!" Just because you're using it as a tool to keep warm doesn't mean it has to be hideous. Play with the colors and patterns of socks to add a fun detail to your outfit.

6. Go With Fur Accessories

There's a reason the Vikings were decked out in head to toe fur — that stuff insulates. To keep you feeling cozy without stepping outside looking like the Michelin Man, opt for faux fur accessories. For example, fur infinity scarves or snoods usually come tight to the neck, making sure no nippy breezes sneak through. Fur hats usually come fleece lined, keeping your head toasty during the chillier days, and a fur vest underneath your coat would definitely do the trick for keeping you warm as you make your way through your commute. That and the added texture really elevates your look up a notch or two!

According to Glamour , "If you’re looking to stay warm and get noticed, an over-the-top fur coat that’s über-shaggy and tons o’ fun is hard to miss. To make yours look more rock star and less cavewoman, keep the rest of the outfit simple with solid leggings and an easy sweater." Useful and fashionable.

7. Invest In A Blanket Scarf The Size Of Your Body

You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. Blanket scarves are huge right now so you'll be able to find one really easily, but the reason I suggest this isn't because of its style factor. It's because those suckers really, really work when it comes to keeping you safe from the wind. Because it's so huge it bundles you right up, leaving zero room for the icy breeze to nip underneath your caot or down your neck and give you a chill. That and the vpluminous size of it really adds a fun pop to your outerwear!

According to Jelena Jovanovic at AllWomensTalk, "A stylish wrap or a poncho can be worn in tons of different ways and will even help you use clothes that are not warm enough for winter, making your outfits more interesting and your list of possible outfit choices much longer!"

So bundle up — you'll still look chic!

Images: Marlen Komar (1)