15 Genius Hacks to Help You Survive Winter

There's no point in sugar-coating it — it's effing freezing outside. Unless you live someplace where it's always warm and sunny (in which case, I hate you), you've been dealing with the same miserable frozen winter temperatures and bitter, ice cold winds that I have, and you're pretty freaking tired of it. No matter how much you say you like the snow and winter activities and bundling up in warm cozy sweaters, after a while it all gets old — really old — and there is nothing pleasant about not being able to get rid of the chill that follows you everywhere.

Below-zero temps like these get even worse when you live in a place where you can't really control the heat (like a dorm room), or if you're trying to save money and your heating costs are out of control. How are you supposed to stay cozy and comfortable when you're dealing with conditions like these?! With a little creative thinking, that's how. These tips might require you to be a little more inventive, but when you're all warm and snuggly, I think it will be more than worth it. Not to mention we're not even halfway through January — this cold weather isn't going away anytime soon, so you might as well learn how to live with it. Good luck out there!

1. Stuff towels under and around your doors as much as possible.

Who cares if it looks strange?! It keeps the drafts out!

2. Keep your curtains open when the sun is shining.

Because you're going to want to soak up all the warm rays you can.

3. Buy a rug if you don't already have one.

You don't have to get new carpeting for your whole house, but small rugs on the floor will keep things a little bit warmer. Get one for right next to your bed.

4. Keep your robe and slippers right next to your bed.

That way, when you wake up in the morning, you can grab them immediately.

5. Invest in a set of flannel sheets, which are amazingly warm.

Flannel sheets are the best. They're so cozy, they're sometimes almost too warm — which is exactly what you want right now. And they feel amazing!

6. Light some candles in lieu of a fireplace.

Yes, even a small candle gives off some heat. Just be careful and obviously don't leave this lit overnight.

7. Right before bed, throw your pajamas in the dryer for a few minutes. Put them on when they're super warm, and jump under the covers.

They won't feel warm forever, but for the few minutes that they're toasty, it's basically the best feeling ever.

8. Leave the oven door open after you cook something.

Let the heat escape from the oven and warm up the room.

9. Get seriously old school with a hot water bottle.

Get it nice and warm, then slip it between your sheets in bed.

10. Insulate your windows to keep all the cold air out.

Shrink Film Kit, $4, Amazon

These plastic insulators are easy to set up and inexpensive.

11. Warm up with tea or coffee instead of alcohol.

Alcohol will warm you up a lot at first, but then it causes you to actually lose body heat. You're better off with some tea, or maybe even a hot toddy if you really need something stronger.

12. Buy either an electric blanket or a space heater.

The only problem with a heated blanket is that you will never want to leave it. Ever.

13. Wear layers, even in your house.

Forget anything you've ever heard about "less is more."

14. Exercise for a little bit.

Exercise warms your body up a lot. If you don't want to exercise, at least try moving around as much as possible.

15. Cuddle with someone.

Hey, you know what they say about body heat!

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