"Wildfire" Teaser Adds New Layer To 'Confident'

Demi Lovato is in full-on slay mode lately. Not only did Lovato fearlessly pose naked for Vanity Fair , she's about to drop her "Confident" music video and a brand new album! It's a good time to be a Lovatic, but things just got better, as the singer dropped a teaser for "Wildfire," a new song off of her upcoming album.

The clip is only 15 seconds long, but it gives us insight on the lyrics and the sound of the track. "Baby, you're all I need / Come down, set me free / Like a wildfire / Like a wildfire," Lovato belts. Lyric-wise, it echoes the vein of "Cool for the Summer" and "Confident." It's an assertive statement, perfectly fitting in with the album's title, Confident. It's also reminiscent of the sultry undertones of her first two singles. Whereas "Stone Cold," another track off of the album, is sadder, "Wildfire" sounds like it has a more upbeat vibe.

As for as the sound of "Wildfire" goes, it falls somewhere between "Cool for the Summer"/ "Confident" and "Stone Cold." The first two songs are more energetic, romance-driven tracks that show Lovato's evolution into a more mature woman with more mature musical themes. On the other hand, "Stone Cold" feels like a return to the emotional ballads that Lovato does so well. "Wildfire" isn't quite as bombastic as her first two singles, but it doesn't have the same heart-wrenching effect as "Stone Cold. This works well for the singer, because it sounds like "Wildfire" will bridge the two sounds and make the album more cohesive overall.

What we can hear of the track is already so good, but it was reportedly co-written by Ryan Tedder, which makes it even more promising. Luckily, fans can hear "Wildfire" and the rest of the songs in full when Confident drops on Oct. 16.