Instagram's Top Five Is All About Girl Power

Whatever other obstacles women are facing right now to be taken seriously in, well, frankly every industry, one place where we have our domination on lockdown is Instagram. You probably already knew that Taylor Swift became the most-followed Instagram user, but did you know that the rest of the top five most popular Instagrammers are women as well? We've got Swift in the top spot, with 49.6 million followers, followed by Kim Kardashian with 48.1 million, Beyoncé with 47.2 million, Selena Gomez with 45.9 million, and Ariana Grande with 44.6 million. Not too shabby, ladies! The only male celebrity out there who's even coming close to those numbers is Justin Bieber, and he's almost four million behind Grande, with 40.3 million users tuning in to see what new hover board he's riding around his life lately.

This may not seem that impressive to you guys, but, on a day when I just spent hours reading over quotes from female directors in Hollywood describing their discrimination, I will take any victory I can get. And this is actually a pretty big one, because it reflects the actual feelings of actual people. There's no real incentive for following a particular celebrity on social media, other than knowing what they think and feel, so the success and popularity of these five women is undeniable. It's an arena in which men compete, and these chicks are still coming out on top, but sure, tell me again how men are the taste-makers in the entertainment world, and it isn't worthwhile catering to women and their interests. Whatever you say.

These five women are all very different people, but they've each found a way to make Instagram work for them, and are excelling past their male counterparts in a way not reflected really anywhere else right now. It's a win for the ladies, it's a win for Instagram, and it's a win for all of us who are smart enough to follow these champions. Lemme get a double-tap on girl power.

Image: giphy