7 Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorials

by Teresa Newsome

Halloween is fun, but so is sleep. If you want to (or feel like you have to) wear a costume to work or school but you'd rather not sacrifice any of your precious rest to do so, these easy Halloween makeup tutorials are your new best friend. Some of them are pretty simple, as you would imagine given that they're so quick to put together. But some of them look like you spent a bunch of time and energy putting your look together, when ha! You definitely didn't.

Don't worry so much about the specific products used, especially if they're brand names. If the tutorial features expensive makeup and you're not all about that, just go with drugstore brands or whatever else you have on hand. The best thing about these tutorials is that they don't require full costumes. If you want to go all out, you can add a costume to your look to make the ensemble more detailed. If not, the most you'll need besides the cosmetics is some glitter or a headband with cat ears. That makes them flexible enough to wear with uniforms or casual clothes and easy to dress up for an evening out without starting from scratch.

1. Comic Book Queen

This makes my nerd heart happy! Plus, you only need concealer, black eyeliner, and red lipstick.

2. Dead Person

Dang. This blogger looks super dead. Plus, any outfit you have works with this face. Dead cheerleader. Dead nurse. Dead feminist from a freak protest injury. It all works.

3. Cute Cat

This video is a little longer than five minutes, but once you watch it, you could easily pull it off on the fly. Especially if you skipped some of the priming and contouring.

4. Unicorn Princess

Do you have a strong desire to coat yourself in eyelash glue and glitter? I know I do, and not just for Halloween. This tutorial shows you a super quick makeup look and also a really quick and easy DIY unicorn horn. Furry vest optional.

5. Scar Face

This scar tutorial has endless possibilities. You could go all the way across the face or over an eye.

6. Snapchat Filter

I see what you did there. This is pretty clever. If you're the Snapchatter of your group, this one's for you.

7. Vampire Diaries

Those eye veins look really impressive.

Most of these tutorials require just a few products, and the product-heavy tutorials can be scaled back with no problem. Throw a little makeup into your purse and you can even do some of these in the bathroom right before or after work or school. Happy Halloween!

Images: Var Broca/YouTube