The Dress Code On This Homecoming Flyer Is Not OK

In the 1920s, Hollywood costumer designer Edith Head was famously quoted saying, "Your dresses should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady." While it might have been deemed appropriate for the time, it certainly isn't for 2015 — which is exactly why last week parents of students at Nation Ford High School were irked by the presence of his quote on a homecoming flyer with a sexist dress code.

South Carolina's National Ford High School is taking a lot of heat this week for directing inappropriate dress code regulations at its female students. The flyer got a lot of parents riled up by suggesting that their daughters "leave something to the imagination". The bizarre sexualization of the young student body is not only inappropriate, but completely sexist — there are no dress code regulations directed at the male student body. The amount of room on the flyer that is dedicated the the obvious and irrational fear of the female student's dress sensibility is absurd.

According to the school's (now defensive) administration, the flyers were created by external volunteers and not a reflection of the school's mentality. And of course they have apologized in the wake of all the national media coverage. The flyer intended for the small community has now stirred up outrage across the country. Of course they didn't mean to offend anyone, but that's part of the problem. In a time when sexism is finally reaching a zero-tolerence level, this flyer won't slip through the cracks. Alas, the school dance will go on.

Image: Pexels