Pitbull Guest Starring On ‘Empire’ Is The Perfect Opportunity For Some Musical Collaborations

Look up in the sky. It's a bird, it's a plane. Nah it's just Pitbull on Empire. Yep, Pitbull is guest starring on Empire on Wednesday's episode "Fires of Heaven," only adding to the already impressive list of guest stars and cameos the show has had in the past season. Mr. Worldwide's appearance on the show revolves around a secret performance that Cookie and Anika concoct behind Lucious' back, that catches the eye of Pitbull — playing himself, of course. Because who else would Pitbull play other than himself? And, because he is playing himself, it seems like the perfect opportunity to have Pitbull collaborate with Empire characters, because if Pitbull joins Empire for an episode, and he doesn't collaborate, did he even appear on the show?

Say what you want, but Pitbull is meticulous for blending his musical styles with those of other musicians, often creating huge hits. Pitbull — as himself — and Jamal are set to collaborate on a song (audio below) on the new episode of Empire, but who else should Pitbull mix his sweet musical stylings with during his time with the Lyon Family? He's enough of a chameleon that he can work with just about anyone, but here are the top collaborations I'd like to see on Empire.

Jamal — Feat. Pitbull

Here is the song that Jamal and Pitbull team up on. Excuse me while I play this on one repeat for the rest of my life.

Lucious — Feat. Pitbull

I'm picturing a combination of "Hey Baby" and "Snitch B*tch" from Episode 2 of Empirebeing the main inspo for a Lucious/Pitbull collab. Lucious has proved he can range from rap to the acoustics of a guitar, so take your pick, Pitbull.

Tiana — Feat. Pitbull

I get that Pitbull is going to be busy with the Lyon family members, but we can all agree that he and Tiana would make one of the best collaborations of all time, right? Tiana killed it in this collaboration with Hakeem, who has the rap covered for Pitbull, so they should totally use this as an inspiration and combine it with Pitbull's previous collabs with pop divas like Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez.

The Lyon Family Singers — Feat. Pitbull

I kind of see this one being like The Von Trapp Family Singers from Sound of Music then Pitbull added in for some fun. I want to see Cookie, Lucious, and all the kids. And they don't even have to write their own song. I'm totally fine with them covering "Give Me Everything" and doing the Pitch Perfect choreography.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX