'Empire' Has Some Major Guest Stars This Season

The second, much-awaited, season of Empire returns with even bigger and even better guest stars. After the show became last fall's knock-out hit, it seems like even the biggest stars in Hollywood want a chance to hang with Lucious and Cookie Lyon. I don't blame them — everyone wants a piece of Empire Entertainment. The Season 2 Empire guest stars list is really incredible. So incredible, from just perusing, it makes me want to break out into a freestyle song with Hakeem. (Sigh.) If only...

The list of guest stars that make up the second season of Empire truly proves how unstoppable this show is. The following names consist of well-known entertainers playing very important character roles on the show, to others who are down-right legends playing themselves. (Because, hint, Pitbull can't play anyone but Pitbull — he's Mr. Worldwide!) This season is sure to be epic, and luckily, Fox ordered 18 episodes to fit all of these amazing performers and actors into one season. (Now, I'm just trying to think how we can fit Oprah and Drake into Season 3.)

So who is coming to Empire for Season 2? Below is a list of the guest stars coming up this season and who they'll be playing, but first, refresh your memory on Season 1 with this drunk recap.

Kelly Rowland

Skip Bolen/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Where You've Seen Her Before: Where have you seen Kelly Rowland before? Only one of the best musical groups to ever walk this planet, Destiny's Child. Beyond Destiny's Child, Rowland moved forward with her solo career, along with being featured in Nelly's (historic) "Dilemma." She's been on The X Factor, Freddy vs. Jason, and Think Like a Man.

Who She'll Be Playing: Lucious Lyon's mother. Yep, you read that right. Get ready for some flashbacks featuring the beautiful Rowland as Lucious' (sure to be awesome) mother.


Where You've Seen Him Before: Ludacris is one of the most well-known rappers and performers today, so you probably know him from either his music career, acting career, or entrepreneurship. He's won Grammys for "Yeah!" and his Release Therapy album. He's also acted in multiple The Fast and the Furious movies, No Strings Attached, andNew Year's Eve.

Who He'll Be Playing: If the photo above doesn't give it away, Ludacris will be playing a prison guard while Lucious spends some time in the slammer.

Becky G

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Where You've Seen Her Before: You've had her hit song "Shower" stuck in your head since it came out in 2014.

Who She'll Be Playing: Valentina, who is considered "Baby Cookie." I don't know exactly what that entails, but being called "Baby Cookie" sounds like a major #lifegoal to me. Becky G told Entertainment Weekly that her character is "feisty" (see: Baby Cookie), and get's to sing. I'm thinking a new artist.

Chris Rock

Where You've Seen Him Before: You know Chris Rock from one of the many times he's made you laugh. He's a standup comic, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, and a very successful actor. A few of the things you might have seen Rock in are: Everybody Hates Chris, Grown Ups, I Think I Love My Wife, Lethal Weapon 4, and Top Five.

Who He'll Be Playing: Rock will be throwing on an orange jumpsuit, as he'll be playing a prison inmate with Terrence Howard's Lucious Lyon. Rock's character's name is Frank Gathers, and he is the guy that Cookie and Lucious worked for when they were selling drugs.

Marisa Tomei

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Where You've Seen Her Before: Marisa Tomei has had a very successful career in Hollywood, so it only makes sense that she finds herself at Empire Entertainment. She's won an Oscar for her role in My Cousin Vinny, and has appeared in Anger Management, What Women Want, The Wrestler, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Ides of March.

Who She'll Be Playing: Tomei will be playing Mimi Whiteman, a venture capitalist who gets all up in the business of Empire Entertainment. According to Deadline, Mimi is "a lover of hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion and beautiful women."



Where You've Seen Him Before: "(feat.)" in all of the songs you love to hate (or hate to love). He's won a 2013 Latin Grammy Award for Echa Pa'lla, along with an iHeartRadio Award for "Timber."

Who He'll Be Playing: Himself. Only one man can play Mr. Worldwide.

Andre Royo

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Where You've Seen Him Before: If you've binge-watched The Wire, then ding-ding-ding, we have a winner of where you've seen Royo before. Royo played Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins on HBO's The Wire. He has also made appearances on Fringe, Lila & Eve, and Marvel's Agent Carter as Spider Raymond.

Who He'll Be Playing: Lucious is going to love Royo's character, because Royo is playing Lucious' lawyer, Thirsty Rawlings. (Let's all take a moment to savor the name Thirsty Rawlings.) According to TV Line, Thirsty is unethical, shady, and probably just what Lucious needs to get out of jail.

Vivica A. Fox

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Where You've Seen Her Before: Vivica A. Fox is an incredibly varied actress. She has appeared in movies like Independence Day, Kill Bill, and Sharknado: 2. She also worked for Donald Trump on the most recent season of Celebrity Apprentice. I don't know who would be more difficult to work with: Trump or Cookie.

Who She'll Be Playing: Fox will be playing Cookie Lyon's older sister. We don't know why Fox is looking to reunite with Cookie now, but something tells me it's not going to be a smooth family reunion.

Mariah Carey


Where You've Seen Her Before: Life.

Who She'll Be Playing: We don't know! At first, I would think Carey would only play herself, but maybe she's looking to redeem her acting career after Glitter, and will take on a fictional character. All I know is, if she isn't singing, then this is a damn tragedy.

Images: Chuck Hodes/FOX