How To Do Halloween Like Effie Trinket

This Halloween, take your inspiration from a certain stylish Capitol escort: Make an Effie Trinket Halloween costume a la Mockingjay Part 2 and capture her in her fine, feathered, rebellious Hunger Games glory. The final installment of The Hunger Games franchise doesn't come out until November 20, but you can show your excitement and solidarity with Effie this Hallow's Eve. In the Mockingjay, Part 2 trailer, aside from all the epic explosions and Katniss' cry for rebellion against the Capitol and President Snow, Effie is clearly the sartorial star in all her fabulous, ostentatious glory—and her tiered, furry-feathered, flapper-inspired look will be a show-stopper this Halloween. You too can be a rebel with style.

And even though it looks like it's mad difficult, all you need is a little creativity and a trip to your local craft store. This look is one of Effie's easier ones to put together, believe it or not! Although if you find yourself really crunched on time, you can always opt for the simpler but still perfectly put-together Effie from Mockingjay, Part 1 . But seriously, try this chic, polished and feathered look if you're brave enough — it's really not so tough. May the crafting gods be ever in your favor.

The Dress

This might seem like the most difficult part, since Effie's beautiful silver-grey dress looks so elaborate. But worry not: just simplify, and get that hot glue gun out. Grab a simple gray flared skirt — this one from Forever 21 only $17.95.

Then you need some silvery feathery fringe; even though Tim Gunn wouldn't approve, you just gotta hot glue gun strips of the stuff in a V-pattern to the skirt. You can get lots of variations on the fun trim at any craft store or online — here's a super-pretty and affordable option from Joann Fabrics:

And save some for the shoulders. Now, the top might look a little overwhelming with that bold, standup collar, but you can definitely approximate. My suggestion is to get a plain grey long-sleeved sweater in a thicker fabric, then affix a collar to it yourself. You can use this tutorial that's for a Maleficent costume, but use grey instead of black. Here's a good sweater at $20 from Forever 21:

Then, glue some feathered fringe to the shoulders.

The Shoes

Effie loves a wedge — the ones she's wearing in the Mockingjay, Part 2 trailer are tough to make out, but you can go with any color, really. Here are some great grey ones to match the ensemble, and they're cheap! On sale at Charlotte Russe for just fifteen dollars.

The Accoutrement

Leave it to Effie Trinket to be perfectly made-up and coiffed in the middle of a rebellion. In this look, she has an amazing, wide, embellished belt. I love this one from Kohls:

It's $30, but if you want a cheaper option, there are tons of them on Amazon and Etsy.

Elegance is all about the gloves. Grab this grey, satin-look pair from Amazon, for less than eight dollars:

And of course, throw on a pair of tights. This costume is not only fun, sparkly, and show-stopping — it's warm! And it's an excuse to buy these silvery, glittery stockings; they're eight dollars from H&M:

And Of Course, Hair & Makeup

Whether you're going to fashion your own locks into Effie's signature 'do, or buy a wig, make sure you have that silver headpiece. As for the makeup, there are a lot of fun, easy-to-follow Effie Trinket makeup tutorials on YouTube. I particularly like this one from user The Creative Stroke.

You'll be looking rebel and Capital Chic, and I'm sure you'll make Effie Trinket proud.

Images: Forever 21 (2); Charlotte Russe; Kohls; Amazon; Joann Fabrics; H&M; Lionsgate (screenshots)