How to Dress Like District 13 Effie

October 31 is fast approaching and if you want an epic Halloween costume you better start planning now. With Mockingjay Part 1 expected in theaters this November, choosing a character from the film gives you a perfect pop culture costume. But while Katniss would be an awesome choice, you could always go outside the box a bit and dress like Effie Trinket for Halloween. But not just any version of the District 12 mentor and escort; you should dress like the Mockingjay version of Effie.

There are a couple of advantages to this toned-down version of the character. For one, the pieces you buy for her costume are easily reusable in every day life. And two, if anyone else is going as Effie for Halloween, they're probably opting for the more recognizable flamboyant version of the character. Saying no to the fills and going with the newest Effie image keeps your costume unique, and easy to replicate. Plus, it's a topical choice considering Halloween comes less than a month before the movie's premiere. You can even re-wear the costume to go see the movie.

So what are you waiting for? Here's a tutorial to dressing like Effie would if she were in District 13.


Effie's District 13 garb is made up of a denim dress and a pair of grey leggings. This $28 dollar dress from Target is perfect for the look and totally wearable post-Halloween.

And if you somehow don't own any leggings, these are cheap.


Even in 13, Effie has a sense of style. Get a version of her denim hair wrap on Etsy.


You'll need a pair of flashy boots. (Hey, even in District 13 Effie needs her heel height.) Try these copper-colored ones from UrbanOG.


Complete the outfit with a splash of pink lipstick and an armful of bright bangles like these $5 Forever 21 bracelets.

After all, she's not Effie Trinket if she's not accessorized—even in District 13.

Images: Lionsgate (4); Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Target; UrbanOG; LuluGoesRockabilly/Etsy; verasgifstorage/Tumblr