The Best Jessica Lange 'AHS' Costume Ideas

by Kaitlin Reilly

As stoked as I am to have Lady Gaga take over American Horror Story this season, I can't help but be a little bummed that the latest incarnation, American Horror Story: Hotel, will be missing what would obviously have been its fiercest resident: Jessica Lange. Lange has been a staple on the series since Season 1, in which she played the calculating failed starlet Constance, and only bowed out of the show in Season 4, after portraying Elsa, a freak show owner who has her own aspirations of stardom. While Lange's star has certainly not faded (there's not a fan who hasn't shed a tear over the loss of Lange) she is bowing out of the show, which started up just in time for Halloween season on Wednesday, Oct. 7. Therefore, it's only fitting for loyal fans to honor Jessica Lange with American Horror Story group Halloween costumes inspired by her time on AHS.

There's no need for you and your friends to fight over who gets to be Lange in an American Horror Story group costume situation: you and three pals can all go as different versions of Lange. It's super easy to DIY these costumes, and here's a handy guide for all of the things that you'll need for one killer costume:

Constance Langdon, American Horror Story: Murder House

Constance looks like she stepped out of an entirely different decade, so thrift stores and vintage shops are your friends when looking for a dress that would suit Constance. Here are some other accessories you definitely need for this look:

The Right Hair:

California Blonde Wig, $26, Yandy

This "California Blonde" wig from Yandy and is definitely the hair that Constance hoped would turn her into a movie star. You can even trim the wig down to get modern-day Constance's less "showy" haircut.

Pearl Earrings

Flower and Pearl Earring, $5, Forever 21

Constance loves her pearl earrings, especially those with unique details she can show off. You can achieve the look with these flower and pearl earrings from Forever 21.

Candy Cigarettes

Candy Ciggarettes, $0.45, Old Time Candy

Don't actually smoke a cancer stick this Halloween: instead, opt for a costume-appropriate box of the sugar variety, which you can strategically stick out of your dress pocket. You can purchase a pack at Old Time Candy for less than a dollar. Make sure to "smoke" them at the most inappropriate time and place, in the spirit of Constance.

Sister Jude, American Horror Story: Asylum

If you want to dress up as the tyrannical ruler of Briarcliffe, you'll need a nun's costume — but that's not the only thing you'll want to show that you're Sister Jude.

Nun Costume

Nun Costume, $23, Party City

You could try to DIY this, but with so many costume stores selling inexpensive nun costumes — like this one from Party City — it may be best to go store-bought and jazz it up later.

A Cane

A Cane, $8, Whole Sale Halloween Costume

Here's a scary reminder that Sister Jude wasn't always the most loving nun around. Her cane, which she used to beat the residents of the asylum who misbehaved (#dark) can be replicated with this cane from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. (Because you should always save money on faux weapons?)

Red Lingerie

Obviously, this isn't what most nuns have underneath their habit, but it does play homage to Sister Jude's past as a nightclub singer. This lingerie from Soma, but any red dress that is waaaay too sexy for a nun will do.

Fiona Goode, American Horror Story: Coven

Fiona is one seriously chic witch, and luckily, you might already have an LBD waiting in your closet that FiFi would approve of. What else do you need? Here are a few accessories to step it up a notch:

Big Sunglasses

Dark Shades, $6, Forever 21

Fiona doesn't fuss around with tortoise shell sunglasses. These dark shades from Forever 21 get the Fiona stamp of approval.

Black Hat

Black Hat, $16, Forever 21

A good witch always protects her skin, and this hat will do the trick. You can get it at Forever 21.

Black Leather Gloves

Faux Leather Gloves, $10, Forvever 21

Great for driving, and also for not getting DNA on dead bodies. These faux leather gloves are available on Forever 21

Elsa Mars, American Horror Story: Freak Show

Elsa has plenty of great looks, but the blue suit she wore in the first episode is certainly the most memorable. Since you likely don't have a powder blue suit floating in your closet, here's what you need to achieve it.

Dumb & Dumber Costume (Yes, Really)

Dumb and Dumber Costume, $40, Target

You could scour discount stores for a powder suit, but if you're looking to make your life easier, this pre-packaged costume can be hacked into an American Horror Story icon's outfit. Not technically DIY, but considerably cheaper than purchasing an actual powder blue suit (which, unless you're ridiculously stylish, you likely won't wear again). This suit runs for $40 at Target. Feel free to snip the cuffs and tailor it to fit Elsa's style.

Red Lipstain

Red Lip Stain, $22, Stila

Technically, any bright red color will do, but this is Halloween — you're definitely going to need one that will last you through your sixth Reese's Cup and your third cocktail. I highly recommend Stila's liquid lipstick, which could last through the apocalypse. You can purchase the lip stain in Fiery from Stila Cosmetics and use it long after Oct. 31.

Powder Blue Eye Shadow

NYX "Baked" Eyeshadow, $6, Ulta

Most people aren't bold enough to pull off Elsa's look in real life, but hey, it's Halloween. You can purchase this NYX "baked" eye shadow for $6 at Ulta to get Elsa's look. (Pro tip: keep the color ultra vibrant with an eye primer.)

Any of these costumes will be sure to kill at Halloween, but if a group of your girls all dress up like Lange's best, you're sure to make a serious impression.

Images: Sam Lothridge/FX; FX (3); Forever 21 (5); Party City; Soma; Target (2); Sephora; Ulta;