This Makeup Artist Transforms Into Kim Davis & It's Seriously Impressive — VIDEO

The Internet is basically a treasure trove of talented makeup artists who can make you into everyone from Snow White to Miley Cyrus. However, few of these artists transform into one of the most controversial figures of the moment. Makeup artist Jan Bonito transformed into Kim Davis on his Instagram account, and the talented creative did a scarily accurate job.

It's not his only transformation, however. Bonito is such a whiz with foundation and a brush that he's become such diverse characters as Rachel Dolezal, Cookie Lyon, and Kylie Jenner. Yet, it's his turn as Davis that really caught my attention for its stunning accuracy and uniqueness.

While Bonito's work is undeniable, he's definitely not the only uber talented makeup artist on the web who's able to completely manipulate their faces utilizing the magic of makeup. Artist Kandee Johnson has gained notoriety not only for her killer makeup tutorials but also for her transformations. Her Megan Fox and Barbie tutorials are prime examples of her talents. The same can be said of YouTube beauty guru Promise Phan who has had more than her fair share of crazy looks posted to her page. Her Drake tutorial is easily one of the most impressive I've seen. The thing that separates Bonito from the others though is his incorporation of newsworthy personalities, not just celebrities and entertainers.

In the video posted to his Instagram, Bonito can be seen covering his face in foundation and then carefully and precisely shading his features to almost perfectly match those of Kim Davis'. While you may assume this video is to show off Bonito's skill, you also get to see his sense of humor. The artist dons a blue shirt, a bouffant half up-half down pony, and proceeds to rip though what's meant to be a marriage license while "Never Gonna Get It" play in the background. The transformation is both amazing and hilarious, and I love Bonito for it.

You might only be getting to know Bonito now, but he's got some other incredible transformations worth watching.


This look is totally killer.

Nicki Minaj

Makeup game on point.

Jessica Lange

He could be her double in American Horror Story

Taraji P. Henson as Cookie Lyon

Cookie would be so proud.