Did Bieber Know About Selena's Lupus Diagnosis?

Super shocking news from Selena Gomez. The pop sensation revealed in a recent Billboard interview the real reason behind her break from the spotlight: According to Gomez herself, she was diagnosed with lupus and had to seek treatment for it — and not only that, but she also underwent chemotherapy to battle the autoimmune condition when she took a "break" from the spotlight. All of this is undoubtedly shocking news for Gomez’s fans, who have spent the last few years supporting the star, and speculating over whether or not she and former boyfriend Justin Bieber are on or off again. I know I've analyzed every lyric and appearance of hers on occasion for signs that they may or may not be a thing anymore. And now, with this most recent bombshell, I have to wonder: Did Justin Bieber know about Gomez’s diagnosis back when their relationship was on?

Clearly, nothing has been confirmed either way. Bieber has yet to speak out or comment on the recent news that Gomez revealed in her interview. But if I have my dates right, Gomez’s “breaks” came in early 2014,when she took a step out of the limelight to receive treatment at a rehab facility for "exhaustion." Although her reps never confirmed that she was going away for substance abuse — only that she was checking herself into The Meadows for “emotional issues” — it could be that this was around the time that Gomez was seeking treatment for her disease.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If this is the break that Gomez is talking about in her interview, then clearly Bieber was a large part of her life back then: When exactly their relationship ended is a little unclear, but it wasn’t until at least 2015 that the stars started stepping out apart fairly consistently.

So, did Bieber know about Gomez’s diagnosis? It’s impossible to know for sure, of course — but, if they were indeed a couple when she may have been going through chemotherapy treatments, I find it hard to imagine he wouldn’t have known. Hopefully, this this is the case, she was able to get the support she needed from her partner at the time.