Did Max Greenfield Dye His Hair Blonde For 'AHS: Hotel'? He Really Committed To The Role

It's always shocking to see an actor drastically change their look, which is exactly what Max Greenfield did for American Horror Story: Hotel when he dyed his hair blonde. Greenfield plays Gabriel, a junkie who checks in to the hotel looking for a place to get a quick fix. At first, the New Girl actor looked so different that I legitimately thought he was Zachary Quinto for, like, half the episode. (Hey, it's not my fault all the AHS guys look exactly the same.) But, it wasn't Quinto, it was just Greenfield with new blonde hair.

The actor debuted his lighter locks in August, but it was a very short-lived look. He's already back to his dark hair, so he's clearly put Gabriel behind him. Which, given everything that happens to his character, is probably a good thing. But, dying his hair wasn't the only thing Greenfield did to prep for the role. The actor also lost a drastic amount of weight (heroin addicts tend to have a bonier look about them) before he hit the set.

"He cut off his beautiful hair and dyed it and then we had to let the roots grow in," Creator Ryan Murphy revealed back in August at the AHS panel of FX's summer press tour. "I think he's lost 30 pounds, which is odd because his wife is due to have a baby any day now, so she's nine months pregnant and he's living on celery water. So, she's not happy about that, and yesterday I talked to him and his waist is down to I think a 27. So, he's really committed to it, and he looks amazing."

He's certainly not the first actor to dye his hair or lose weight for a role, but it was Greenfield's first time doing that kind of thing. And, hopefully his character is on the show for more than one episode after all that prep work!

Image: Suzanne Tenner/FX