Sam Is Infected By The Darkness On 'Supernatural,' Will He Find A Cure Before Going Bloodthirsty?

The pattern continues. On Season 10 of Supernatural, Dean was constantly in danger of becoming something less than human, something bloodthirsty and devoid of control from which Sam had to save him. Now in the Season 11 premiere, the tables have turned. It seems that every season of Supernatural finds either Dean or Sam in danger of either dying or becoming something truly monstrous, and this time we've come back to Sam who faces a truly scary future. On Wednesday night's premiere, the aftermath of the Darkness' release reverberated throughout a nearby town, turning people into almost zombie-like creatures who were hellbent on killing or turning those who were still human. Dean and Sam clashed on how they would handle the situation and unfortunately Sam was infected by the Darkness disease while fighting off one of the infected.

So what does this mean for the younger Winchester brother? Well at the moment no one else aside from Sam himself knows that he is infected, as Dean was off trying to save a young baby from the danger of the Darkness' disease. Dean tells Sam at the end of the episode that he will be off trying to keep the Darkness away from the baby (Dean doesn't yet realize that the Darkness is actually manifesting inside of baby Amara). So it's likely that we will spend next Wednesday's episode with Sam trying to save himself. The question is, will he be able to do it? Or will he have to fight the Darkness infection off much like his brother tried to fight off the Mark of Cain in Season 10?

While it's likely that Sam will find a way to cure himself, I think it will be more of a strength of character and will that allows him to fight beyond the Darkness infection. But that doesn't mean it will work for everyone else infected for those who could get affected later if baby Amara decides to release the infection once again. Dean and Sam get into an argument earlier in the premiere about what their job truly entails. Dean sees nothing but destruction in their wake and wants to save the one thing he believes is pure: Baby Amara. Sam, on the other hand, knows that when their motto is not to save one, but to save everyone. He believes that it is solely their responsibility to save everyone from the destruction they caused, so he decides to stay behind and look for that cure.

I hope Sam tells Dean as soon as possible about his predicament, two heads have to be better than one in this situation, especially considering Dean knows what it means to fight off the violence and darkness inside. But if this is how quickly things will go from bad to worse in the Supernatural Season 11 premiere, I'm genuinely worried about how the rest of the season will progress for the Winchesters and everyone else in the Darkness' path of destruction.

Images: Carole Segal/The CW