The Bird On 'The Leftovers' Is So Significant

I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually pretty afraid of what the Hell is going on in Jarden, Texas on HBO's The Leftovers . From John Murphy's mysterious leadership duties which heavily rely on violence, to the town's generally mysterious reasons for not having any casualties of the Great Departure, things are obviously not right in this little town dubbed "Miracle." One of the biggest questions of the Season 2 premiere comes from a simple and short yet totally mind boggling scene. While Erika is running through the woods, she digs up a box and opens the lid. Inside we see a bird, very much alive, which then flies away as Erika stares at it with a strange expression on her face. Now I don't know about you guys, but I have to know: What happened with the bird on The Leftovers Season 2 premiere? And, does it have anything to do with Miracle's Great Departure-related miracle?

I don't fully know how supernatural or biblical the writers and producers on The Leftovers want to go in Season 2 with the mystery of Jarden "Miracle," Texas, because at this point the possibilities for what's going on are endless. But, my main theory is this: There are miracle properties in Jarden, almost certainly in the water and likely even in the land all around town.

Now, harping over a bird in a box might be an absolute waste of my time, but I truly believe that the bird scene is crucial to seeing and understanding what might be happening in Jarden. For one, the town seems to be stuck in the past by re-living things they did the day before the Departure as they probably believe it will keep them protected. Reverend Matt from Season 1 tries to explain that his wife has shown signs of improvement in her health ever since moving to Jarden. And, there is definitely something going on with the water in the series as well because there is a purpose for why the lake was drained when Evie and her friends disappeared.

Basically, I think the water and the soil in Jarden has healing properties. I'm not necessarily saying it's holy water or anything like that. Just that the water, which streams through the soil and all over the town can heal or perhaps even resurrect. And, I believe that not only are Erika and the Murphys absolutely aware of this fact, John doesn't seem to keen on the idea of letting others realize Jarden's full miracle potential. John's role on the series is definitely a mystery for another day, especially after another episode or two.

This bird theory on Reddit by Carr_Nic is also pretty fascinating: The area where Erika dug up the box was right underneath a giant tree. The Reddit user suggests the tree that the bird was buried under is actually the Axis Mundi referenced in the title of the Season 2 premiere, meaning that the tree stands as the connection between the Heavens, our world, and the underworld. Thus the bird's resurrection is directly related to the power of connectivity the tree has. This theory could also explain why the whole town receives the benefits of miracles as the tree's power could radiate (if you will) across Jarden. But, I can't help but believe water is also a source of this miracle and potentially many others especially considering the The Leftovers' Season 2 poster and the references to water throughout the premiere.

No matter what is the true reason for all of the strange occurrences of "miracles" in Jarden, the biblical overtones of the Season 2 premiere are obvious. And, the bird resurrection is a fascinating first look of what can occur in Jarden, but I'm certain that there will more destruction than resurrection in the town and throughout the season.

Images: Screenshot/HBO (2)