9 Emojis You Should Be Using While Sexting

I'm a big sexter. I was a little late to the game — the whole thing weirded me out to be honest. And the first guy who hinted at sexting got nothing but dragon and pizza emojis in reply because I have the maturity level of a gnat — and those are the best sex emojis ever. But once I started it, I loved it. I think sexting is good for your relationship, because it allows you to keep some sparky things going throughout the day. Also, build up to anything is super hot, so it means you'll basically be ready to rip each other's clothes off the next time you see each other.

It can be difficult figuring out how to sext at first and it's normal to feel nervous. But there are so many options— you can describe things want to do each other, things that you've done the night before that really got you off, what you're doing at the minute. Whatever you find sexiest. And of course, there are the photos (obviously more available if you're texting from the privacy of your own home than on the go), which if you feel comfortable taking and sharing them are a massive turn on. But it doesn't stop there. I'd be remiss if I didn't include the best mode of communicate to ever grace our thumbs: the emoji. Honestly, I think for the actual sex description you're better sticking to words and photos (because a finger pointing and finger circle is never going to be actually sexy), but emojis are great sexting bookends when opening or closing with words may feel a little awkward.

Here are the best emojis to use in sexting (pizza and dragon not included):

1. Mood Setters

A little wine and a little music, a good opening message to set the mood. And it may be an accurate description of what you're doing at home, thinking of your partner.

2. ... So?

Let's call this what it is: a pervy face. It's a pervy face. But it's a good "Hell yeah I'm in the mood!" emoji as well.

3. Slip Into Something More Comfortable

If you're not in a position to send a photo of what you're doing, these emojis can get your point across.

4. Cutesy Kisses

If you're still in warm-up mode, stick with something a little more cutesy.

5. Sexy Kisses

Maybe the only actual sexy emoji that exists.

6. When You Get A Hot Photo

Like I said, I would stick to photos and words for the actual deeds, but you can always use emojis to show a little appreciation for what you're getting.

7. Fireworks

'Cause baby you're a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirework. A firework having an ooooooooooorgasm.

8. Post-Sex Cutesy Face

This became the unofficial "I made it!" face with an ex and me. It's good to have a signal so you know when you've both hit the big O.

9. Post-Sex Reality

OK, I lied. There's a lot of pizza involved in my sex life, OK? I follow my heart. And it leads me to pizza.

Image: Ammentorp/Fotolia