How To Insult People Around The World, You Intolerable Soft Egg, You — VIDEO

You've probably got some stock standard slurs to hurl when someone pisses you off, but here are some creative insults from around the world. This video from Cut sends their producer Blaine out into the world to find out what some of the best insults to use are from country to country. In America, I guess we say things like "d*ckhead" or "f*ck you" (which is popular just about everywhere you go) when we're mad, but as it turns out, we're really lacking in creativity when it comes to insulting our enemies. There are some places in the world where swears are really creative, and kind of fun.

The video goes to Berlin, Bangkok, Adelaide, Dubai, Bogota, Shanghai, Seattle, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Addis Ababa, and New Delhi, collecting insults from around the world. The most boring ones come from the English speaking countries, but the others have some pearlers. My favorite is probably the very tame insults from Japan, because apparently there is a way to be both polite and insulting at the same time. While I wouldn't suggest using these when you're traveling to foreign countries (it's always nice to be respectful of the place you're in), it's good to know what people might be saying to you when you step on their toes at the airport. Here are some of the best international insults:

1. The German Insult For People Who Can't Hold Their Liquor

2. Morbid Thai Insults

3. This Strange Chinese Insult

4. Kind Of Creepy Or Kind Of Cute Japanese Insults

5. This Italian Better Than "Dick" Insult

Watch the whole video below:

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