This Company Throws Fake Weddings For Young People Who Don't Really Want To Tie The Knot — VIDEO

It probably won't come as a shock to anyone that Millennials are delaying marriage — according to the U.S. Wedding Forecast, next year the marriage rate for "prime marriage age" is expected to drop to an all-time low. Enter Falsa Boda, the company that plans fake weddings for couples who don't actually want to get married. "Wait," you, a rational human, are probably thinking to yourself. "Why plan a wedding if you don't want to get married?" Well, the answer is simple enough: it turns out we Millennials love ourselves a good wedding. If only all that pesky commitment and those life-binding vows didn't get in the way!!

The Argentine company was first launched and inspired by the fact that many Millennials realized that they had never attended a wedding, seeing as we're all putting it off. I'm not sure how this is possible when everyone seems to be getting engaged on Facebook with more regularity than my menstrual cycle, but even I have to confess I've only attended one wedding in adulthood — and it was my cousin's, not, like, some other Millennial I met out in the wild. Was it the bomb-diggity? Hell yeah. Would it have been super awkward if we all drank and ate and toasted to a bride and groom who weren't actually getting married? Well, I don't know! You'll have to ask Falsa Boda's clientele.

Here's the deal, though: all the guests who attend have paid to be there. They pick a venue, set a dress code, and make all their other event preferences through the site, and then a couple reenacts a wedding ceremony for however long justifies the ~raging party~ that happens afterward. Basically, it's all of the fun, and none of awkwardly getting your butt cheeks stuck to the chapel pews or screaming at your dumb GPS on the way to the reception.

And hey, good news, party people — according to BuzzFeed News, Falsa Boda already has 70 fan pages from countries around the world, and is rapidly expanding its international market. There could be a fake wedding coming near you soon! Or, y'know, maybe one of your own friends will get married ... in, like, 2025, that is.

For perspective, here's what one of their fake weddings look like:

Pretty swag-tastic, right? Although watching it, I'm not sure what the deal is with it having to be about a wedding. What happened to just gettin' your groove on with your pals for no reason? I would look into this, but instead I'll just do it the cheap and easy way by getting inappropriately sloshed at the office Christmas party, like an American.

Images: Pixabay; Giphy