8 Adorable Ways To Decorate Your Faux Pumpkins

by Hometalk

One of the best parts about fall is heading to the pumpkin patch and carving your ghoulish gourd, but if you are looking for a more permanent way to keep your decorations on display, check out these faux pumpkin decorating ideas by Hometalk. After all, pumpkins aren't exclusive to Halloween, and with a foam or plastic alternative, you can keep these in your home well after Thanksgiving. Break out your paints, metallic duct tape, studs, and other fall-time materials. The best part about decorating fake pumpkins is that your options are seriously endless, and no matter which route you take, you're guaranteed to have one gorgeous display.

While freshly carved pumpkins will always be a traditional Halloween decoration, it's high time we chose to skip the muss and fuss of real pumpkins, and instead show off some prettied-up fake pumpkins on our porches and in our homes. Some faux pumpkins look just like the real thing, but they're easier to work with, and they can last from year to year. And with these amazing designs from Hometalk bloggers, you'll want to leave them up that long. There are tons of ways to dress up your faux gourds, but these eight designs will be love at first sight!

1. Paint a Mural

Cover your pumpkin stem to base in a pretty painted floral design, bursting with vibrant color. It doesn't have to be perfect — it's on a pumpkin, after all — it just has to be bright and packed with paint. The more blossoms, the better!

Project via Lindsay @Lindsay Crafter

2. Add Details with Duct Tape

You can fully cover your pumpkin in your favorite decorative duct tape, or you can try a more delicate look, with subtle cut-out decorations. These little metallic triangles are just the thing to glam up this pumpkin, and since they're made from tape, they're easy to attach.

Project via Katie @Spray Paint & Chardonnay

3. Embellish with Beans

That's right — beans! Dress your impostor pumpkin with a mix of colorful dried beans to get a more natural type of decoration that still looks amazing. It's a bit tedious, but just looking at the finished product, you know it's so worth it!

Project via Amy @Delineate Your Dwelling

4. Carve Out a Colorful Peek-A-Boo

In case you didn't know before, you can in fact carve your faux pumpkins, and this peek-a-boo look is one of our favorites. Just make sure to use the right materials, and be ready for some stray plastic or foam shavings.

Project via Angela @Blue i Style

5. Make 'Em Shine

Use metallic paint pens, spray paints, and craft paint to give your faux pumpkins a glamorous top-to-bottom makeover. These will of course look great on your porch steps or mantel this month, but imagine how good they'll look sitting on your dresser or tucked into your bookcase for the rest of the year!

Project via Sarah @Just the Bees Knees

6. Stack Up a Topiary

Towering topiaries are an all-time favorite, because they're impressive, pretty, and not too tough to DIY. Grab a couple different sized plastic pumpkins, cover them in ribbons, glitter, or whatever else you're feeling, and then stack them up into this front porch stunner!

Project via Donna @Purl3agony

7. Paint a Coat of Chalkboard

Who doesn't love using chalkboard paint on anything and everything? Turn your tiny foam pumpkins into fall decor you can design again and again by covering them in a couple layers of chalkboard paint.

Project via Amy @The Blissful Bee

8. Add Decorative Studs

Whether your faux pumpkins are made of dense foam or hollow plastic, it should be pretty easy to cover them in decorative studs or thumb tacks. Opt for a pretty design, or even add a word or monogram, to make your decor your own.

Project via Katie @Spray Paint & Chardonnay

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