9 Easy Yet Terrifying Halloween Makeup Ideas

It's time to dust off that crazy makeup collecting dust in your toiletry bag, because if there's one holiday that most certainly welcomes wild beauty looks, it's Halloween. Thankfully, your favorite beauty vloggers have easy scary Halloween makeup ideas at the ready in the form of tutorials.

No, I can't blame you for ignoring the bright blue eyeshadow ('90s much?) and scary purple lipstick (was it Beyonce inspired?) that we somehow ended up with over the years. I stay far away from all those wacky products when all that is on my agenda is work and running errands. But, like I said before, Oct. 31 is a different story. On this particular day each year, well, the crazier the better when it comes to both makeup and outfits. If you're on the lazy end of the spectrum, never fear! There are plenty of easy ways to scare the bejeezus out of your friends and family, and your favorite beauty vloggers have got you covered.

So, in honor of the excuse to have a little fun with your makeup, here are nine easy and scary Halloween tutorials to plan your costume around.

1. Dead Barbie

This isn't traditionally "scary," but how cute! Start with a blank, clean canvas. Apply pink glitter blood accordingly. Voila! You are a dead Barbie. No need to bust the bank on quality face paint or even other nice cosmetics. What you have in your makeup bag is probably already plenty.

2. Creepy Doll

If the title of the video didn't already give it away, I'm going to tell you now: yes, this tutorial is pretty creepy. Yes, it may scare you as you're applying the makeup to your face. Yes, the music in the video will also give you chills. But isn't that the whole spirit of Halloween?

3. Stitched-Up Mouth

Clearly, Bonnie Corban is a master of liquid latex. With just a few applications and some pretty neat safety pin details, she creates the most realistic stitched up mouth I have ever seen. This tutorial is perfect for those who want something a little more gory, but still pretty simple to do at home. This would make for a pretty bad-ass Halloween Instagram photo.

4. Zombie

What I like about Tess Christine's take on the zombie is that you can add on or scale back the steps. Let's say you're hesitant about the whole liquid latex thing. Just do the makeup! You're going to look terrifying anyways, so really, it depends on how intense you want to get. Although, I definitely recommend the contacts for maximum impact.

5. Dead Person

Shaaanxo creates a dead, lifeless look with products you probably already have in your makeup bag, and lets you choose the context (insane asylum patient, dead person, mummy). She gives you all the tools and tricks to achieve an amazing Halloween look, no matter your costume. Side note: am I crazy for thinking this is actually a gorgeous makeup look? Toned down, I would totally wear this out.

6. Cracked Doll

This tutorial may take a little longer, but considering the outcome is breathtakingly beautiful, it's going to be worth it. With lot's of beauty tricks and tips, as well as some pretty nifty sequin-application pointers, this video is not only a lesson in Halloween makeup, but in all makeup.

7. Vampire

Not even going to lie, I think vampires are the creepiest of them all. The idea of fangs, sucking blood, etc, totally weirds me out. That being said, Carli Bybel's take on the classic vampire look is admittedly pretty with bruised eyes and broken veins, achieved with glitter and highlighter.

8. Bloody Mary

This tutorial gives off the impression that it's for the pros, but with just a bottle of fake blood, you can be Bloody Mary in a few minutes. NikkieTutorials shows an expert eye shadow look and adds in the fake blood as the last step to create a terrifying and beautiful makeup look.

9. Skull

The skull is a Halloween classic. There's no way you can go wrong. This tutorial maps out the basis for a perfect skull look. With the help of some black eyeliner, black face paint, and some serious attention to detail (those ears!), you can look as dead as death himself!

And that, my friends, is how you kill the Halloween makeup game. You're welcome.

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