Who's That Girl With Biebs In Bora Bora?

On Wednesday, the Internet almost broke due to the naked photos leaked of Justin Bieber while vacationing in Bora Bora. When people weren't actually looking at the full-frontal photos, tweeting "What Do You Peen," or criticizing the 21-year-old singer, there were others inquiring about the beautiful young woman who accompanied the Biebs on his trip. So, who is Jayde Pierce, aka the 19-year-old young British woman who is now making headlines thanks to these inappropriate pictures that surfaced online?

Well, she's no stranger to rumors. This isn't the first time Bieber and Pierce have been connected. In May 2015, the two were spotted hiking and Snapchatting together, among many other activities. Soon enough, they were labeled a couple, but nothing has been confirmed or denied. Seeing as they're on a luxurious vacation together, well, Bieber and Pierce are definitely close and like spending time together — one can only assume.

Whatever the case, there is so much more to Pierce than being known as "Justin Bieber's alleged new girlfriend." She is very successful for her age, is all about empowering young women, and even gives great makeup tips online for those who need a little direction. With that said, here's a bit more about Pierce.

She's A Successful Model

Based on the professional photos she shares on her Instagram, she is a successful model, who I'm sure will become even more famous in the modeling world. Plus, Pierce says she is a "model" in her social media bios, so there's that, too.

She Gives Makeup Tutorials On YouTube

If you're in need of help with your makeup, Pierce has her own YouTube page where she gives tutorials. She really knows what she's doing, not to mention her makeup always looks flawless.

She's Empowering On Twitter

In addition to starting her YouTube page to help other young girls with their makeup, Pierce is showing that you can be successful at any age. I mean, look at what's she's accomplished and she's only 19. Oh, and the fact that she realizes "no one is perfect" and puts that out there for the world to see is great advice for anyone.

She Has Great Taste In Food

I don't know what this is, but I want it.

She Doesn't Have Time For Rumors

It has to be difficult being in the spotlight, in addition to hanging out with Bieber. I can only imagine the rumors that get started. She sure doesn't have time for them and isn't afraid to speak her mind about it. Also, she couldn't be more right: you never know what someone is thinking or feeling, so you really should keep your thoughts to yourself.

She's All About Happiness


If she and the Biebs are dating, then I think he made a great choice. I belieb in Jayde.

Images: Jayde Pierce/YouTube