Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys, Together At Last

by Mary Grace Garis

Get ready to get hit right in the childhood, because it looks like your '90s all-time faves are joining forces. Apparently The Backstreet Boys and The Spice Girls are in the talks for a joint tour. “The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half, and it’s something we’re still talking about,” said Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean in an interview with Rolling Stone. So, OK, there's still a lot of groundwork to be laid before this possibly actually comes to fruition, but it would be a match made in heaven because you could EASILY match up your favorite Spice Girl to your favorite Backstreet Boy — especially if they were on tour.

Whaaaaaaat? Yeah, although that sounds like an incredulous claim, pop groups are really based upon a collection of archetypes. I mean, I get that The Spice Girls have more aggressively defined personalities than most. Posh is posh, Sporty is sporty, Ginger is... well, you get it. But there's still certain characters to make up a pop group, and you can definitely see that with these two potential tour mates.

Not convinced? Lemme just take your hand and guide you through the parallels. Here is how your favorite Spice Girl aligned with your favorite Backstreet Boy.

Baby Spice And Nick Carter

Both are the youngest members of their respective groups and they exuded that sense of innocence with their beautiful trademark blonde hair. Though definitely not the leaders in either band, they were pretty top tier in terms of popularity, and oftentimes pigeonholed as "the cute one." If you got to play Baby during recess, you won second grade, and if you got Nick as your pretend Backstreet boyfriend, you OWNED second grade. That's just how it was.

Scary Spice And A.J. McLean

Take a walk on the wild side. If you were a Scary Spice girl, you were probably all about A.J.'s tattoos and questionable take on the goatee. Likewise, you spent a lot of time trying to put your tresses into tri-buns, and wearing a lot of leopard. Each respective member exuded a message to live on the edge... um, the edge of mainstream music for late '90s tweens.

Ginger Spice And Brian Littrell

Hmmm. I'm not sure if there's any strong ties that link Ginger and Brian, besides the matter of hair coloring. I mean, he's like strawberry blonde to her blood orange and yellow bangs, which is... almost the same. Besides that, though, there's kind of a sense that Brian was the glue that held the band together, and Ginger made for a very obvious ringleader. I'm doing the best I can, guys, shut up.

Posh Spice And Kevin Richardson

You know what, if Kevin was your favorite, you weren't into any gimmicks like Leonardo DiCaprio bowl cuts and tattoo sleeves. You liked Kevin for Kevin, clean and simple. Likewise, Posh was defined by elegant sleekness that encompassed the same little Gucci dress, nothing kitschy beyond that. Either way, your preferences would point to being the most sophisticated 7-year-old ever.

Sporty Spice And Howie Dorough

If these were your faves either way, it's kind of safe to assume that you were ambivalent about pop sensations in general, was cool to pick whichever member was left, have no emotional stake in this reunion, and are probably not reading this article right now.

Whatever. I guess it'll be a little before The Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys are back (alright!). But you know I'll be here waiting until then.

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