How To Dress Like Cher & Co. From 'Clueless'

by Mary Grace Garis

If you're anything like me, there is no greater stress in life than trying to figure out the perfect Halloween costume... and, if you're nothing like me, there's still a pretty good chance you like Clueless, right? See, as Clueless turned 20 this year, and it is a flawless, fashion forward film, it is absolutely the perfect throwback costume. But how exactly do you nail Cher's impeccable style for your Clueless group Halloween costume... and, um, what do you do with your other friends?

If you're game, and your friends are game, why don't you and your friends go as Cher, Dionne, and Tai? In recent years, I'm sure it sounds like a potentially complex concept, but, thanks to Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" video, there are plenty more options to work with, costume-wise. And, hey, if you really want to embrace a bigger group, why not even throw in Amber as a passive-aggressive move for your least-liked fourth buddy? I get that she's a total Monet, but as long as she stands at a safe enough distance she'll look good in the group Instagrams. As if!

But, seriously, let me help you, my ensembly challenged friends. Here are a few different ways to go as the totally clueless threesome.

Cher — Plaid Version

Pre-Made Cher Costume, $44, Party City; White Thigh Highs, 5, Halloween Costumes;

Listen, I'm a big fan of DIY costumes, but let me make this simple for all you lazy girls out there: at long last, Party City has a pre-made Cher costume with all the works. If you're willing to throw down a bit of money, save yourself the anxiety and just get it, because it is not easy to find a yellow plaid miniskirt and even less easy to find it with a yellow plaid blazer. You can get more tailored piece from Etsy, but they will cost you a pretty penny, and you can buy a yellow mini from... a Hot Topic in 2007, but that and a yellow cardigan doesn't have the strength of the full ensemble.

What about the fancy foot wear? Well, white thigh highs amp up the school girl look to 11, and you can get them pretty much anywhere, but this pair from HalloweenCostumes.com should suffice. Now, if you really want to show attention to detail, Cher is technically wearing white mary janes, and these kicks from Pinup Couture ($56) work as a reasonable for-the-night option. But if you don't feel like investing (and nobody will respect you less if so), it should be fine to wear something minimal in classic black.

Not so fancy? OK, let's try a cheaper alternative.

Cher — VHS Cover

White Feather Boa, $10, Party City

OK, let's say you want to do the squad up as everyone looks in all the promotional posters. On Cher's end, this is almost ridiculously cheaper. Literally go to Forever 21 with the spare change in your piggy bank and pick up this red bodycon dress. You're already halfway there. Then get this white feather boa from Party City. If you really want to go HAM, you could also pick up red high heels like this pair from Costume Discounter ($25.58), but otherwise? Tax excluded, you should be able to nail Cher's look by simply breaking a 20. Finish with red lipstick, and you're good to go.

Dionne — Plaid Version And VHS Cover

Di is a lot trickier to nail without spending a small fortune, but bear with me. You can order a Dionne costume off Etsy if you're willing to shell out $102.27. Hey, I don't know your life. But let's improvise and try to get the look for less.

Plad Skirt, $15, Jolly Chic; Red Cardigan, $30, Modcloth

Black and white blazers are harder to come by unless you thrift, but a good starting point is a plaid skirt like this one from JollyChic. Then you pick up a basic red cardigan like this one from Modcloth, and literally any white t-shirt you can find and black tights you can find (and I trust you can find them). Honestly, the devil is in the details... and by details, I mean the hat.

Tall White Hat, $7, Buy Costumes; Black Ribbon, $4, Michaels, Single Rose, $5, Michaels

Find a tall white hat like this one from BuyCostumes.com. Then go to Michaels, or your local craft shop, and pick up a black ribbon to wrap around the base and a red rose to hot clue to the base. You nail this, and everyone will get the picture.

Tai — Grunge It Up

Tai's debut outfit is the perfect look for your most casual friend. Basically, you just have to find clothes that make you look like a farmer. So, let's start with Tai's plaid, which comes in the form of a flannel. You don't have to invest in something expensive, and pretty much all your standard mall shops should carry it. Then stroll over to your local Hot Topic and pick up some kind of unflattering black t-shirt. It's unclear what exactly Tai is wearing in the movie — from screen shots it looks like some kind of troll doll — but I'm sure it's just a band t-shirt. So anything grungy will do the job.


Then, you want to borrow from the boys, because it's really hard to nail that baggy/vaguely unflattering look when it comes to ladies pants. Pick up the brown trousers.

And that's just the start! Make sure you consult Netflix for other Clueless outfit inspiration, and definitely send your finish products my way. For now, I'm audi.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Party City; Forever 21 (2); Buy Costumes (2); JollyChic; HM; Hot Topic