Stop Buggin' And Start Recreating Cher's Style

Do you sometimes look in your wardrobe and feel as confused about what to wear as you do about the lingo used in Clueless? Well stop wiggin' out and take note from Cher Horowitz outfits instead. I mean, she is still inspiring women's fashion 20 years after the release of the iconic 1995 movie Clueless.

Not only is Cher still making celebs and civilians alike swoon, but her style was even seen in Iggy Azalea's Clueless -inspired music video for Azalea's hit tune "Fancy." If that wasn't enough, there is even an app out there that helps you get dressed like Cher Horowitz.

Cher Horowitz's wonderful wardrobe was every '90s girl's dream — and now she's probably most twentysomething women's fashion idol to boot. One thing's for sure, Cher will never, ever be a fashion victim or "ensemble-y challenged," so why not take a leaf out of her style bible and copy some of her signature looks that are totally perfect for spring?

From perfect plaid to that little white dress to matching skirt suits, her key looks are covered right here. Everyone wants to look and feel good all the time, no matter where they're standing, and this Cher Horowitz style guide will ensure that you definitely won't get dubbed a "Monet."

Plaid Is Rad

Pictured here with her best friend Dionne, this snap shows the movie's most popular and memorable trend: plaid. (Although this image highlights another of Cher's most beloved outfits, the co-ord suit.)

This ASOS co-ordinating top and shorts combo is suitably Cher. With quite a light color palette, it is all set to wear for spring and leaves the dark tartans in the winter months where they belong.

Top Hat

One thing's for sure, Cher is great at accessorizing! Seen here in a black beret that gives a certain chic yet fun aura to her otherwise rather formal outfit.

Here's a more or less identical version by Cats Got the Cream. Not only is it a near replica of Cher's, but being black it will add a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit.

Perfectly Preppy

Here Cher is sporting one of her classic looks: The shirt under the sweater. Sometimes seen in a full length jumper and other times seen in a sleeveless knit, this blonde babe knows how to tread the fashionable line between preppy and nerdy.

This ASOS Sleeveless Sweater is really cute. In a lovely, lilac shade it would definitely garner Cher's seal of approval due to its pretty, feminine color.


In this classic scene, where Cher wears a little, white dress (LWD), Cher's father likens her Calvin Klein dress to underwear, as seen here:

How dare he? Had he not heard of the underwear as outerwear trend?

This ASOS dress is the perfect, affordable alternative to Cher's high end designer dress. Add accessories and layers like Cher to really bring it to life. In fact, you could even layer it with a sheer shirt as Cher does — she loves playing with sheer layers as seen here:

And here:

Fabulous Feather Trim

Ms. Horowitz is often seen looking flawless in a feather trim. Here she is pictured in a feather-trimmed jacket and a cardigan to show that looking fluffy is fashion forward.

Follow Cher's lead and be like two birds of a feather in this glamorous Jessica Wright dress from ASOS. If you already have a beloved go-to party dress, you could always get crafty and stitch a feathered or fluffy trim onto it.

Cutesy Cardigans

This woman adores a cardigan. Her love of this fine knit possibly stems from the fact that cardigans fit like a glove into one of her favorite aforementioned trends: the preppy look. Cher wears an array of cardigans throughout the film, so the choice boils down to your favorite color.

In keeping with the sunshine yellow, this bright, orange cardi is a great spring pick-me-up. Perfect for those days where the sun hasn't quite come out and there is a little chill in the air. Collect a cardigan in every color and to suit every occasion like Cher!

Think Pink

Cher loves pink! Quite the girly girl, Cher is seen wearing pink throughout Clueless. As you can see when Cher flaunts pink she goes all out Pink Panther, wearing the feminine shade from head to toe. This links in with her love of pastels, which is a trend often associated with the movie. Cher tends to go for dusky or powderpuff pink rather than the hot or deeper shades.

Why not channel Cher's love of pink by choosing this baby pink dress by Daisy Street? With its lace insert it almost looks like a crop top and matching skirt combo, which is another '90s trend in itself.

Why not pair it with this bejeweled alice band from Crown and Glory? Because everyone knows that Cher loves a nice, matching headband.

Whether you picture yourself in plaid or pink, know that you will look like a total betty by channelling the one and only Cher Horowitz.

Images: Paramount Pictures (13); Giphy (2); Courtesy Brands

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