Dwyane Wade Had a Baby But New Fiancé Gabrielle Union Isn't the Mother

Last week, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade announced their engagement. And Union showed off her absolutely exquisite ring. And I was thrilled for them. They're one of my favorite celebrity couples. But also? THAT RING. Well, thanks to the latest report about the couple, my cauldron of excitement has cooled. It's now a pot of lukewarm "Huh?" According to Entertainment Tonight, Wade had a baby. Congratulations! Yay, babies! Union wasn't even showing. I had no idea she was pregnant. Crazy. Wait, what's that? Let me re-read that. Wade had a baby, but Union didn't? Dwayne Wade had a baby with another woman? Oh. Okay. Hm. I mean, yay, babies!

Allegedly, Wade fathered a son while he and Union were on a break earlier this year. The baby is Wade's third child. I totally forgot he and Union went on a break. The couple took a breather while Union was shooting Being Mary Jane and Wade was working winning another NBA championship ring. Breaks happen. But a baby? That takes the break game to the next level. And Union knew about the baby before she accepted Wade's proposal. Eesh. Maybe I'm too cynical, but is that ring part engagement ring, part apology diamond? How is she doing with all of this? How am I doing with all of this?

I must remind myself that this is their relationship/private lives. I shouldn't get so invested. Stuff happens. Stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with me. And perhaps they're a progressive, chill couple. Perhaps this is a non-issue. Perhaps I'm overcomplicating this situation in my mind. Perhaps all of this will work out easy-breezy. Honestly, I do want all of this to work out. Because I care a lot about this couple. Because yep! I'm invested. It's too late.

Okay. As much as I want to be respectful of their situation, I can't help but be like, "WHAT THE HELL, DWYANE WADE!? A BABY!?! YOU WENT ON A BREAK AND MADE A BABY?!" But I'm working on my feelings.