Michaela Stands Up For Herself On 'HTGAWM'

It isn't new for TGIT to get sex-positive vibes cooking on Thursday evenings, but damn, Shonda Rhimes killed it with the sex-themed episode on How to Get Away with Murder . While some characters were getting down and dirty with their significant others, Michaela was sex-shamed by her classmates on HTGAWM , and I'm enthusiastically holding up the STOP sign like an elementary school crossing guard, because that's not cool you guys! But, because Michaela is a HBIC-in-training, she was not having the sex-shaming from her classmates, and it proved to be a very powerful moment that had me screaming "YGG!" (you go girl!) at my TV screen.

During the episode "It's Called The Octopus" — which, yes, is a reference to a sex position — the Keating 5 take a quick break from talking about murder and killing people to chat about orgasms. It was revealed during the conversation that Michaela has never had an orgasm, which was a huge — GASP — deal for certain characters. Michaela started with the "I should have known my fiancé was gay" defense, but quickly was like, hold up, wait a minute... I'm not going to get shamed by you trolls.

The moment is incredibly important and powerful, because it speaks to the fact that every woman's sex life is different. No matter what her journey, a woman shouldn't feel ashamed for her past and feel uncomfortable about her future.

Michaela is often made fun of by some of her classmates, Connor mostly. But, it was great that she spoke up — especially during such a sex-positive episode — and said, "No, I'm not abnormal. And no, I won't let you twerps make me feel like I am." Again, she didn't say "twerps" but if Annalise hadn't interrupted...

Kudos, Michaela. It might not have been the most memorable moment in an episode where the phrase "I did not murder him with my vagina" was said, but it makes a difference. And it once again proves that when Shonda Rhimes is in charge, we're in good hands.

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Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC