BFFs See Each Other Naked For The First Time

According to television and film, women are constantly naked around each other — they strip to their pubes in the gym locker room, they relax with their nipples out at the spa, and have nude dance parties at sleepovers. But in reality, women are really shy around each other, so what happens when best friends see each other naked is not what most people would expect.

From a very young age, girls are told to cover up. We're told that it's inappropriate to be undressed. That mentality lassos in a cloud of shame over nudity. As we got older and our bodies changed, that shame mixed with insecurity and made us feel even more uncomfortable nude. And so we learned to cover up. We learned to save our questions and comparisons for WebMD and Google Image searches.

The reality is, in the gym locker room, we face the lockers and disrobe so discretely we're never not covered. We've all learned how to put a bra on under a shirt and change underwear by putting a clean pair over the worn pair and sneaking out of that worn pair one leg at a time. At the spa, we wear towels. The towels they provide are not to cover up in, so we wear three or four of them in order to cover our bodies. And at sleepovers, we change in the bathroom, or face the wall. And the dancing is definitely covered in oversized tee-shirts and baggy sweatpants. The amount of time and energy we put into covering up is not even conscious. It's just what we're used to; body shame is so ingrained in our mentality.

So when BuzzFeed asked best friends to get naked together, there was a whole lot of nervous gigging. Friends of months and years admitted to never seeing each other nude. But there was a palpable excitement in their voices. It was almost as if they were grateful for the excuse their let go of their body shame. The results, were liberating, to say the least.

Liquid Courage

The girls were so nervous they had to throw a few drinks back in order to go through with the experiment.

Shock, Laughter, Screaming

Every duo removed their towels and started immediately making loud noises (@#$%&*@!). It wasn't negative though; it was just a release built up energy.

Check It Out

Once the excitement started to fade, curiosity set in. Right away they started to compliment each other, making body positive observations.


Fun was had. The girls enjoyed the freedom that came with dropping their robes. It was energizing and a genuine bonding experience.

Watch the whole video here:

Images: YouTube