What's The Meaning Behind 1D's New Single?

Good news, Directioners, your favorite band is releasing yet another new song. On Friday, One Direction announced their new single titled "Perfect" which is from their Nov. 13 album Made in the A.M. Actually, Harry Styles and Liam Payne took to Twitter with the exciting news. As usual, the song became a trending topic on Twitter Friday. If that isn't enough, fans reacted appropriately, aka by freaking out — and they haven't even heard the song yet! Anyways, both Styles and Payne seem pretty pumped about their upcoming single. Styles shared via Twitter, "Our next single is called 'Perfect'. Looking forward to you hearing it, hope that you like those apples." With that said, what is 1D's new song "Perfect" about?

Well, no further details have been unveiled, including the release date. However, once the song does drop, I'm sure One Directioners will analyze the song to no end. Whatever the case, as Styles said, 1D fans will of course love "those apples." I'm sure if they handed out actual apples, anyone would accept them graciously. As for Payne, he wrote on Twitter, "Looks like the cat's out of the bag!!! Our next single is Perfect. Can't wait for you all to hear it!" See? He appears to be as thrilled as all of his biggest fans.

So, until you can listen to the song, let's take some guesses about the meaning behind "Perfect."

It's About Harry's Hair

Come on, you know you're thinking it.

It's About The So-Called "Perfect" Girl

Even though there is no such things as a "perfect" anybody, maybe One Direction wants to express what they look for in someone when it comes to dating and relationships.

It's About Sending A Good Message

No one is perfect, including One Direction, which is why they might want to sing about it in a song.

It's About Their Fans

There's a good chance they want their fans to know how "perfect" they really are.

It's About Their "Perfect" Send-Off

Since One Direction is going on hiatus, maybe they want to make this single about the "perfect" goodbye.

It's About Redefining "Perfect"

Maybe they're trying to redefine what the word "perfect" means and how others view what "perfect" is.

Whatever the song means, it's already "perfect" to 1D fans.

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