How To Stay More Organized With 7 Storage Devices That Will Change Your Life

Staying organized and figuring out the most efficient use of our space can feel incredibly overwhelming, leaving us fruitlessly searching the web for storage hacks that will declutter our lives.

In a piece for the HuffPost Healthy Living section, psychotherapist Robi Ludwig said, "we need our home environment to be the place where we can take both personal and physical refuge. It is here that we can balance ourselves and our psyches, because our home is the place where we can relax, regroup and reinforce the best part of who we are." Health guru Dr. Andrew Wiels takes this philosophy a step further, with a piece on his site stating that your home should be a place where "your soul is nurtured."

While most of us can probably agree our homes may never exactly be "soul nurturing," we can all probably also agree that actually enjoying our space is super important, and that a disorganized or cluttered living environment definitely isn't doing us any favors. If you're on the look out for simple, super achievable ways to significantly help with storage and improve your space, take a look at these seven super helpful storage devices.

1. Bra Hangers

Bras crammed into drawers is basically public enemy number one in my bedroom. Not only am I never able to find the one I want when I want it, but when I do, it's often twisted and slightly stretched. Bra hangers are specifically designed for keeping bras visible and in tact, and you probably won't know how you ever lived without one.

Whitmor Lingerie Hanger, $12.67, Check It Out

2. Door Hanging Shoe Display

Keeping your shoes in a hanging display not only saves you valuable time digging through your closet, but it also saves valuable floor space — especially if your room is on the smaller side.

Whitmor Hanging Organizer, $17.65, Check It Out

3. Jewelry Organizer

If you're like me, you cram most of your jewelry in a drawer and spend most of your life either looking for a single piece, or totally forgetting the majority of the pieces you have. A jewelry organizer that not only keeps each piece separate (and therefore, detangled) but allows you to actually (gasp) see what you own.

Household essentials Jewelry Organizer, $9.99, Check It Out

4. Drawer Dividers

This is another super simple and incredibly genius storage tool. Just put these in drawers that are especially wide to create smaller, more manageable compartments to help prevent your wardrobe from becoming a shapeless heap of clothes.

Small Storage Drawer Dividers, $5.86, Check It Out

5. Transparent Jars

We all know that not seeing something is a surefire way to forget we have it. That's why utilizing see-through storage containers is the best way to be aware of everything you own. Transparent jars work everywhere from the bedroom, to the kitchen, to the bathroom, and also look super cute.

Mason Canning Jars, $22.28, Check It Out

6. Coffee-Specific Storage

Once you invest in an air tight container for your coffee, you'll wonder how you ever fumbled with a resealable plastic bag and tiny plastic seal for so long. Air tight containers will save you time and keep your coffee fresher longer.

Coffee Jar Container, $11.99, Check It Out

7. Shower Caddy

If you don't have a shower caddy, run out and get one this very minute. Seriously — I can personally vouch for the fact that nothing refreshes the look of your bathroom or helps you organize all your various shower products than a simple layered caddy.

Zenith Shower Caddy, $17.88, Check It Out

Organization doesn't have to feel unmanageable. Investing in a few simple and inexpensive storage devices will go a long way in helping you stay organized and feel more zen in your living space.

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