How To Dress As Beyoncé & Jay Z For Halloween

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the pinnacle of hip-hop royalty, there is no question about it. Who would not want to live like this couple for a day? Well, on Halloween, you can! Some fans might be worried about putting together such a costume. Epic as it might be, it could seem at first glance like it would cost quite a bit of money to dress up like the pair. Well, fear not. It is possible to dress up in a Beyoncé and Jay Z couples costume for Halloween with items that are not too expensive.

Though in real life, the pair does have quite expensive taste, that certainly does not mean that you have to go out and purchase exact duplicate copies of the outfits they wear. Heck, you don't even have to follow their lead in the brands they pick. There are plenty of folks out there who have dressed as Bey and Jay without emptying their entire wallets, and luckily for us, they have posted the evidence on social media.

Now, it might take a little time to put together your Beyoncé and Jay Z costume. After all, that couple has never been one to scrimp on the details. But once you do, the results are really worth it. See for yourself, in some of their looks below.

On The Run

Easily one of the couple's most iconic looks as of late, this pair of outfits appeared in every show of their On The Run tour. It's no small wonder that many couples out there have already tried to emulate the style.

As the couple above helpfully demonstrates, achieving this look for less is not nearly as intimidating as it may look.

For Bey's outfit, you will first want to pick up a black leotard, like this one on Amazon ($10-$25).

Next, you'll want to tackle the fishnets aspect of the outfit. Try on a black long sleeve fishnet blouse on for size, like this one on Etsy ($22).

But wait, there's more fishnets! Snag a pair of black fishnet tights, like this one at ModCloth ($12.99).

If you want to really get into character, check out this makeup artist's tutorial on emulating Bey's beauty routine for that outfit, including that infamous fishnet mask!

And to achieve Bey's luscious locks in this look, pick up a dirty blonde wig with wavy long hair, like this one at Amazon ($12.81).

For Jay's mix of casual and classic in his look, pick up a black blazer, like this one at Amazon ($19.94).

Beneath the suit jacket (unbuttoned, of course), don a black and white American flag t-shirt, ideally one where the stripes run all the way down to the bottom of the fabric, like this one on Etsy ($24.95).

A simple pair of black slacks, like this one on Amazon ($17.97-$41.64) should round off the basics for Jay's outfit. Toss on an old pair of black sunglasses and a fake gold chain, and you're pretty much good to go!

And for a final touch for the both of you, don't forget to pick up two fake microphones, like this one from Amazon ($4.89 each).


Can you think of a sweeter moment between the two than this one from the VMAs? After Bey's whirlwind performance, she was honored with the Video Vanguard award, and her adoring hubby joined her onstage in support. Divorce rumors? What divorce rumors?

For this outfit, chances are, you aren't going to find a bodysuit or leotard that is quite as bedazzled as Beyoncé's, but what you can do is pick up a plain blue bodysuit, like this one from Amazon ($13.50) and then add a little something extra to it.

Or a lot of something extra, rather! Pick out a wide assortment of fabric-friendly stick-on gems, like these ones from JoAnn Fabrics ($6.49, $3.99, and $10.99, respectively).

For Jay, purchase a simple black hat, like this one at Amazon ($12.99).

Next, a white tee, like this one at Amazon ($0.37-$17.99). Or one you already have, of course.

Cap off the plain tee with a black suit jacket, like the one from the first costume. And as always with Jay, don't forget a fake gold chain for good measure.

Art Museum

You know your Halloween costume of Beyoncé and Jay Z is on point when the Queen Bey posts it herself, like she did of these two tots who channeled the couple's looks when they visited the Mona Lisa. Though you likely won't get formal approval from Bey, that does not mean you can't make this look #flawless. Even if you aren't a baby.

For Bey's look, opt for a simple floppy black hat, like this one on Amazon ($16.29).

Beneath the hat, you'll be donning a blonde braided wig, like this one on Amazon ($7.69).

For the patriotic look, pick up a black t-shirt with the American flag on it, like this one on Etsy ($20).

For Jay's laid-back look, pick up a Yankees hat over at the team's gift shop ($34.99).

Wrap up his look with a grey windbreaker jacket, like this one at Etsy ($24).

Happy hip-hop shopping!