7 Lipstick Hacks You Need To Know

While mascara may be one of the beauty products cosmetics buffs can't live without, little goes as far as a great coat of lipstick. Whether it's a rich burgundy wine or a bright T. Swift red, lipstick can make anyone look great. That's why I'm telling you all the lipsticks hacks you need to know to up your lip game. Regardless of whether you're choosing to go with a natural hue or an ultra bright look, these tricks will ensure your lipstick game is on point.

Lipstick has quite the history. While it not longer implies that you're a prostitute — which was apparently a thing — lipstick is still a powerful tool. Red lips are, without a doubt, the most well known form of a bold lip, but ombre and fuchsia looks are beginning to take over the scene as well. With fall approaching, there's bound to be more than one YouTube tutorial on how to nail a vampy lip for the upcoming cooler weather. Plus, lipstick has now taken on more than a bit of pop culture significance. Harry Potter-themed lippies are now a thing, and red lips are an integral part of Taylor Swift's very identifiable look. Even if you're not typically a lipstick kind of girl, hopefully these hacks will make your lipstick game strong and change your mind about rocking a bold lip.

Here are seven hacks you need to learn, stat.

Make It Matte

Maybe you've found a great color, but it's glossy, and you're more of a matte kind of person. Good thing there's a hack for that.

Prevent Stains On Your Teeth

Simply stick your finger into your mouth, pull it through your lips, boom — excess lipstick on the inside of your mouth comes right off.

Bold It Up

Adding lipliner all over your lip before applying a coat of lipstick will not only make it stay longer, but it will also give your lip color and extra "oomph."

Make Your Teeth Appear Whiter

Blue-toned colors will often make your teeth look whiter, so rock that cool-toned red for an extra bright smile.

Give Yourself Full Lips

Lipstick and lip liner are basically soul mates. In Lisa Eldridge's tutorial, she suggest using your lipstick before your liner before going in to over line you lips. On top of that, apply a slightly lighter shade in the center of your lips to give a bit more of a fuller look.

Conceal For A Cleaner Look

After you've applied your red lip, go back in with a small brush and apply concealer along the edges of the lips. This will make whatever color you choose to wear much clear and help to prevent bleeding onto the skin.

Never Throw Out A Broken Lipstick

Just because your lippie broke, that doesn't mean it's beyond repair. Got a lighter and a q-tip? You're all set.

Image: Pixabay