8 Body-Positive Messages Everybody Needs To Hear

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that we deserve to feel confident and happy no matter what we look like. That's exactly what illustrator Kate Allan's body-positive GIFs tell viewers through fun, playful cartoons and self-loving mantras. The illustrations, which were commissioned by and originally posted on Sparknotes, feature women of all different body types saying kind things to themselves, and they're absolutely wonderful.

Allan tells Bustle in an email:

I hope the takeaway of the images is that all women are allowed to feel confident and sexy, no matter what they view as their "faults." Though it can be portrayed a certain way in the media, beauty isn't limited to one narrow standard. Every woman has beautiful features, every woman has something to flaunt, and that should be celebrated.

Of course, women have a lot of qualities that are worthy of celebration, both physical and internal. When it comes to the physical ones, though, body positivity is the strongest, kindest thing we can do for ourselves. So with that in mind, here are some messages — in GIF form — to tell yourself whenever you want or need them.

1. "I Am Amazing Just As I Am!"

This is true no matter what your thighs, toes, or any other parts of your body look like.

2. "You Are One Sexy Beast!"

Everybody is sexy to somebody, so it's true — we're all sexy beasts.

3. "I'm Made Of The Same Stuff As The Stars!"

Think about it. We all started off as a ball of energy in space. Then, that ball of energy scattered to create stars and trees and everything else, including humans, so we're all pretty much the same. That's sort of magical.

4. "The Number On The Scale Does Not Define Me."

Reminding yourself that your weight is different on different planets can help put it into perspective. The numbers on a scale don't tell us what we look like, and they definitely don't tell us anything about our self-worth.

5. "My Body Is Not A Problem To Be Solved."

Our bodies allow us to do a lot of amazing things, like get to where we're going, give hugs, and pet animals — and nothing about them is "problematic."

6. "My __ Looks So Cute!"

Even when we feel like complete crap overall, there's always at least one thing we rock. Plus, when we think positive thoughts about ourselves, that positivity comes across to others — and spreading positivity is one thing the world could use more of.

7. "My __ Is Gorgeous!"

We've been fed a lot of BS about what we have to look like to be gorgeous. But the truth is, smiles that aren't straight, stomachs that aren't flat, and legs that aren't hairless are gorgeous — and so are every other kind of feature out there. End of story.

8. "Confidence Looks Good On You."

Our sex appeal doesn't define us, but feeling sexy is awesome. We don't, however, have to change our appearances to feel sexy — we need to cultivate confidence, because it's truly the sexiest quality of all.

Images: Courtesy of Kate Allan