Will Andre Betray Rhonda On 'Empire'? Lucious' Eldest Son May Have Loose Lips

When I first started watching Empire, I thought Andre was the least interesting of Lucious Lyon’s three sons. Who wants to watch the suit? I was more into the crazy hijinks of wild child Hakeem. Well, that’s all changed, since Andre's character has developed more and we watched him struggle with his Bipolar Disorder, find religion, learn that he’s going to be a father, and along with his wife, accidentally kill his “uncle” Vernon. But as the weeks progress and he gets closer and closer to the edge, will Andre go to the police about Vernon’s death just to get himself back into Empire?

Let’s back up a little. Last season, Vernon, Lucious’ right-hand man and the guy responsible for basically raising his sons, learned that it actually was Lucious who killed Cookie’s cousin Bunkie. Soon, he was working with the cops to put the head of Empire away. While Andre was deeply struggling, he and Vernon got in a physical fight, which they both walked away from. But not the second time — with Vernon strangling Andre, Rhonda smacked Vernon over the head with a candlestick, killing him. Whoops. Rhonda then let Andre know that she was pregnant and couldn’t go to jail, so they buried Vernon’s body in the woods somewhere. Easy peasy, right?

Well, nothing is ever easy on Empire, and Andre is really having a difficult time. Lucious won’t let him back in the business, because Lucious likes to torture his family, and I’m starting to think that Andre will tell him about Vernon’s death as a means to get back in his dad’s good graces. This situation can’t end any way but badly, so let’s take a look at some possible outcomes.

Andre Tells On Rhonda & She Goes To Jail

Andre has this kind of absolute morality going on (guess he’s the opposite of his father), so I don’t think that he’s above selling out the mother of his soon-to-be child to the cops if he convinces himself it's the right thing to do.

Andre Says Nothing & Continues With Cookie’s Label

Though Andre is under pressure now, perhaps if he just takes some time to process everything, he will listen to Rhonda, calm himself, and go about his business. That saves both Andre and Rhonda from Vernon-induced jail, and it gives Andre a chance to make a name for himself with Cookie’s record label — if he could just go with the flow a little bit.

Andre Tells On Rhonda & Lucious Gets The Whole Thing Covered Up

It'd be awful for Andre to betray his wife, but I forgot that Lucious Lyon can do, well, anything. This is the best-case scenario, because it gets Andre (and Lucious, to a degree) anything he wants: His conscience will be clean because he confessed his sin, he’ll get back into Empire (because Lucious will be happy that Rhonda and Andre killed for him, kind of), and no one goes to jail. Does everyone win? I’m still not sure.

Right now, I’m just hoping that Andre chooses whatever leaves him and Rhonda in the most stable situation. I'd like to see them become a happy family when their baby is born, but right now, he's putting them all in jeopardy.

Forgot what happened least season on Empire? Check out the (drunk) recap video below.

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