6 Reasons Why 'Harry Potter' Fans Make The Best Wingwomen

A wingwoman is like a pleasant surprise, kind of like how you shrugged as a kid the first time you heard of Harry Potter and then it changed your whole human world. If she is good at her job, a wingwoman will not only build up insanely good karma, but also help a friend get a much needed make-out sesh. Now, I love me a good wingwoman, but I love me a Harry Potter fan wingwoman even more. Who better to make the first introduction than a chick who shares your love for the greatest children's series of all time? Who better knows what would make a decent kissing partner than the female who went to every new book release and movie premiere? No one. No. One.

At this point in life, Harry Potter has made millions of ordinary things extraordinary. Theme parks were OK I guess. Then came the wonder that is Harry Potter World. All of a sudden everything was amazing and better. We used to have labels for kids in high school. Cheerleader, jock, nerd. Now we sort people into four categories: Gryffindor, Slytherin , Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff. And finally, wedding, engagements and almost any birthday is improved by having your favorite Hogwarts objects around.

If you are still unconvinced by the words you have already read, than why not check out the list below. I have really given this some thought. After all, wingwomen are awesome so we have to be careful when we rank them against one another. If I wasn't absolutely sure that the ones who love Harry Potter are THE BEST, I wouldn't have written this sentence.

1. They Will Wait For You To Ask Them

Unlike the other types of wingwomen, Harry Potter fans know how to wait for something. As much as they would want to rush you because they are dying to see what happens next, they will wait. They waited for the movies and books and they will wait for you to ask them for wingwoman-ly help.

2. They Will Totally Have Your Back

If Harry Potter taught us anything, it is that you have to have your friends backs no matter what. Even when they are suspected of turning your classmates into stone. Especially then, actually. So they are fully prepared to make the night all about you!

3. They Will Start The Conversation

If you need someone to start a conversation with a person you are interested in, know that a Harry Potter fan will do it the best. They are talkative and friendly, and are at that level of shameless nerd that they have no shame. That's exactly what you need in a good wingwoman.

4. They Will Talk You Up Like No Other

Harry Potter fans have been exposed to the most ridiculous vocabulary (read: Muggle, snitch and Remembrall). They are totally going to talk you up, and be eloquent AF about it. Get ready to be the most impressive person in the bar.

5. They Love You The Most

Friendships are the corner stone of Harry Potter. You better believe that your friends who love the books know what the real process of friendship entails. That means being a bomb-ass wingwoman!

6. They Will Poke Fun At You

They know the right balance of being supporting but also making light fun of you. After all, in the words of Albus Dumbledore, "It does not do well to dwell on dreams and forget to mercilessly tease your BFFs." (Er, that was the quote, right?)

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