Double Pizza Rat Is The Pizza Rat Sequel You Never Asked For, But The One NYC Deserves — VIDEO

Unless you've been living under a rock, or have somehow found a way to successfully tune New York City out (God bless), you are likely aware of subway Pizza Rat, the true American hero that surfaced recently. Well, he's got competition, because Double Pizza Rat arrived on the scene a mere 21 hours ago and is taking the nation by storm. That's the way this business works, babe. One minute you're famous, the next minute some younger, hotter rat with a sidekick is replacing you. Double Pizza Rat (yes, I maintain that those caps are necessary) is exactly what it sounds like: two rats fighting over a piece of pizza on the subway tracks. Their struggle is REAL.

I think the real question here is, why do people keeping dropping pizza everywhere? That's good cheese you're wasting, guys. Fortunately, whoever is responsible for this pizza dropping epidemic is also encouraging solid entertainment, and helping feed the rat community of NYC, which remains as enthusiastic and eager for cheese as ever.

The video was captured by Jonathen Liu, who's about to have a hell of a lot more Instagram followers than he did yesterday, and who will remain forever in our hearts as "that guy who found the pizza rat sequel." That could make him big bucks one day.

Here's The Full Double Pizza Rat Video:

It's an action-packed sequence. A play-by-play is definitely necessary.

Act I: Pizza Rat #2 Spots Pizza Rat #1 And Decides He/She Wants In On The Action

He couldn't just leave the guy alone and let him be happy with his pizza. That's bad karma, even for a subway rat.

Act II: Pizza Rat #2 Steals The Slice

And Pizza Rat #1 pursues him with great determination.

Act III: War

Cue heavy metal death music in the background.

Image: Jonathen Liu/Instagram