Watch The Robin Williams 'Aladdin' Outtake Reel & 3 Other Blooper Videos That Will Make You Feel All The Feels

Brace yourselves for a cry fest, because an additional outtake reel of Robin Williams in Aladdin is being released with the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray Combo Pack of the movie. And, the footage is never-before-seen. But, as delightful as the footage is, I have to admit the clips are tinged a bit with the sadness of knowing that his life was cut too short. I'll admit I have a hard time watching these outtakes without thinking about everything the world is missing now that Williams isn’t in it.

Still, the outtakes give a wonderful look behind the scenes at the Aladdin voice-over studio. And, they also give fans a look at what Robin Williams did best. The man was definitely in his prime when he was off-script and totally going for it. That really was his genius: His ability to create light and laughter out of nothing. Or, really, out of his own creative imagination.

As the source of so much of my laughter growing up, what with Aladdin and Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook — movies that I watched on repeat when I was a child — Williams’ outtakes are something that I love to watch. It made me want to dig up some of his other hilarious outtakes and interviews to watch over and over again. But first, his Aladdin video:

And, there are a lot of other Williams outtakes just waiting to be enjoyed. But, I’m just warning you, have the tissues ready before you press play. These clips will definitely have you laughing and crying at the same time:


ryy79 on YouTube

I can’t think of anything better than the world’s funniest man getting one of the most notoriously serious actors to totally lose it.

Hook on YouTube

These bloopers will make you want to start a food fight, fly, and rewatch this childhood classic ASAP.

Mork and Mindy

Big Blue Planet on YouTube

Definitely not suitable for television, but these bloopers show Williams in his younger days. They also show that this man has been hilarious from the start.

I told you that they would be a little difficult to watch. But, I’m just glad Disney is honoring Williams in such an amazing way in the new Blu-Ray edition of Aladdin. The comedian definitely deserves it.

Image: Screengrab/Walt Disney Pictures