Is Smokestack Hair The Next Big Thing?

Remember when rainbow hair was the latest trend? Well, the changing seasons means it's time to give up bright colors and go for a look that's a little more subtle. Haircare brand Pravana says smokestack hair is going be the next big beauty hit, and you'll love this video demo.

Pravana is known for its bright-colored dyes and the fact that its stylists aren't afraid to get a little bit wild with color. The latest look they've debuted is called smokestack hair, which is kind of confusing, naturally. According to Cosmopolitan, the company said in a release that the smokestack dye "creates richer jewel-tones and when added to pastels, the colors morph into smokey, antique shades." Makes sense, right?

The company released a video tutorial, and it's actually super mesmerizing. The stylist stacked all the different shades of dye on top of each other, and the finished product wound up looking much better than I expected. The stylist did the tutorial with Pravana's Vivids line in different shades of purple dye, but I could see this look working with blue shades or even grey ones if you really want to take the "smoke" aspect literally.

Watch the video below to see the stylist literally stack dyes on top of each other.

The diagram in the picture below kind of shows the stylist's game plan going into the dye job. The colors are stacked from darkest to lightest, with the lightest shades going around your face. (Also, it's important to start with bleached hair).

She starts at the bottom with the darkest shade, then slowly builds up the layers of color.

Finally, she adds a light lavender dye to the area surrounding the model's face.

The layers in the finished product are SO cool, right? I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out.

And voila! Here's the finished product. The look is definitely more subtle than I expected, but so cool.

I can definitely see this trend taking off this fall. It's a little more subdued than some of the super bright colors we've seen this summer, but colored hair is definitely not going anywhere. Time will tell if this trend takes off, but I have a feeling it'll be a hit.

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Images: YouTube