5 Fashion Trends That Should Disappear in 2014

Ah, 2013. You were so good to us. This year brought us countless awe-worthy trends, from big, shiny statement necklaces and monochromatic ensembles to the revival of luxe leather and plaid on plaid everything. I happily reveled in all of 2013's fashion glory this year, but still — there are a handful of trends that I hope to leave behind as the clock strikes midnight.


You guyssss. They're Birkenstocks. As in chunky, wide-strapped, cork-and-rubber Birkenstocks. While I'm all for comfort and ease, I just can't bring myself to support them. I know there are countless bloggers and fashion editors who praise this trend, seamlessly styling the (unflattering) boats-of-a-shoe in to their photo-worthy outfits, but I'm just not sure they're for me. Or for anyone, really, except my mom when she's gardening.


I'll admit, I was kind of a fan of these when they came on the scene. I'm talking about those Brian Litchenberg and REASON t-shirts featuring a play on designer brand names, like "Ain't Laurent without Yves" and "Commes des Fuckdown." They used to make me snicker, but now, I find myself rolling my eyes. Maybe because they're practically everywhere and the joke is over at this point. I think it's time we ought to retire them, don't you?


I tried to make them happen and, instead, looked like I was purposely imitating my three-year-old niece. It might be because I never found the perfect pair, or it might also be because it's no longer 1993 and I'm not a member of TLC.


Was this style flattering on anyone? Seriously, though. Blame it on my short stature and barely-there-torso, but no matter how adorable the peplum was, I feel like it accentuated an area from which I usually prefer to draw attention away. Cheers to more slimming styles in 2014!


Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bright and bold hues are always a staple in the summertime, but this year, neon transcended the season and lasted all year long. I was a fan of it for a bit, especially in the form of brilliantly-colored shoes and accessories, but I don't anticipate wearing too much of it next year. 2014 is going to be all about pastels and muted tones.

What trends are you planning on leaving behind in 2013? Let us know!

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