9 Style Tips To Steal From The Young Olsen Twins

When it comes to style, the Olsen twins have always been ahead of the game. From their precious Full House toddler outfits to their Met Gala getups, the trendy pair has forever been there to teach up a thing of two about getting dressed. Although the 29-year-old actresses turned designers are into more high fashion looks these days, some of the Olsen twins' best style tips came when they were tots in the early '90s. It makes sense when you think about it. I mean, if you can pull off a '90s trend, you can pretty much wear anything.

The Olsen twins are, obviously, fabulous. It's as simple as that. They have their own look and sartorial identities, and it's arguably all thanks to their '90s style experimentation. They've worn everything from matching overalls to over-the-top headbands, so we should obviously be stealing some wisdom from them.

Before they were Met Gala queens of darkness, the ladies were just stylish tots trying to make it in this crazy world. So if you're a little bit too intimidated by the Olsen twins couture ensembles of 2015, then it's time to take some inspiration from their early '90s looks. All good trends come full circle, and the Olsen twins' toddler style tips still hold true today.

1. You Can Never Go Wrong With Overalls

Overalls were a must-have in the '90s and the girls knew how to style them. From matching pairs to bedazzled pockets, we can all learn a thing or two about how to spice up the trend.

2. High Ponytails Are Lazy Girl Chic Meets '60s Mod

These girls rocked the high ponytail before it was cool. Everyone from the Kardashians to Katy Perry wears the high pony today, but who could've known that the world's most famous twins were responsible for the trend all along?

3. Statement Sunnies Are An Outfit Must

Sunglasses have the ability to complete almost any outfit, and the Olsen twins knew that way before anyone else did.

4. A Boot And Dress Combo Suits Almost Any Occasion

On and off the runway, the boot and dress combo is the perfect way to make a warmer-weather look totally chic. Obviously, the trendy twins were a few steps ahead of us yet again.

5. Matching Accessories Are Never Dull

Ever since they were tots, the Olsen twins have been coordinating accessories like pros. They kept things simple in terms of hair trinkets, but always managed to have a put-together look thanks to matching those accessories to their outfits.

6. Monochrome Separates Will Never Fail You

You might've thought that the co-ord monochrome outfit look was new, but the Olsens prove that the trend started with them over 20 years ago.

7. Bold Prints Are Quick Statement-Makers

A bold printed dress can instantly make any day brighter, and the twins knew that from the beginning.

8. Dresses And Sneakers Will Always Go Together

Shoe trendsetters at the age of seven, Mary-Kate and Ashley prove that sneakers and a dress are a match made in fashion heaven.

9. T-Shirt Dresses Are Cute And Comfy

Not only are T-shirt dresses incredibly adorable, but they're also great for dancing. #ComfortAboveAll.

There you have it! You might have thought that today's trends were a product of 2015 living, but we really have the Olsen twins to thank for all our sartorial wonderment.

Images: ABC (1); Giphy (9)