Bella Hadid Celebrates Birthday In A Casual Sweater That's #FallOutfitGoals — PHOTOS

From Fashion Week to city streets, this girl knows how to dress to suit any occasion: Bella Hadid celebrated her birthday stylishly on Oct. 10 while out and about town, and her ensemble inspired major casual outing outfit goals. Everyone knows you have to dress well for your own birthday, and Hadid did just that. Instead of getting all glammed up, though, she decided to go a more laid back route, because who says celebrating has to be all about a fabulous party (not that she wouldn’t know just how to dress for that, too)?

Hadid's birthday suit consisted primarily of an oversized chunky sweater that looked completely comfortable and cozy (so much so that I’m dying to get into one myself). She combined the turtleneck sweater with ever-so-slightly distressed jeans and a great pair of sunnies, of course. I mean, her street style wouldn’t have been complete without them, you know? Hadid's makeup and hair were kept minimal as well, as she sported her locks slicked back in a pony. Doesn’t that sound exactly like how you want to dress every day of the year — including your birthday? Sign me up.

Check out Hadid’s amazingly laid back, cool vibes and shop similar pieces below, because it doesn’t have to be the day you were born in order for you to rock an outfit this good.

1. The Sweater

High Neck Chunky Sweater, $72,

Longline Fuzzy Sweater, $29.90,

Snuggling Sampling Sweater, $54.99,

All you need is a big chunky sweater to nail the super warm and cozy look Hadid had going on.

2. The Pants

High Waisted Skinny Jean, $268,

Skinny Jean In Mid Wash, $58,

Ankle Grazer Jeans With Knee Rips, $63,

Jeans in a light or medium wash with some slight distressing will perfectly complete the outfit.

3. The Sunglasses

Goal Master Aviator Shades, $20,

These shades are an excellent addition to any #OOTD.

Channel your inner Hadid and be effortlessly cool every day of the week.

Images: Courtesy Brands (7)